Why Is My Australian Shepherd Sleeping So Weird? Here‘s What Your Dog‘s Sleeping Position Reveals About His Mind!

All owners know that every animal is different and has its own character. Like humans, they have their strengths and weaknesses. It may sound ridiculous, but it is often possible to judge dog’s personality from his sleeping position! Some dogs sleep on their stomach, others on the side, on the back, cuddled up or stretched out. In this article we will explain what each sleeping position could mean.

7 Dog Sleeping Positions Which Reveals a Lot About His Character

It is said that human sleep poses are subconscious, so they perfectly reflect your emotions and what is going deep inside you. However, is it possible to judge dogs from sleeping position? Yes, below we will share 7 main positions and what can they mean.

1.     The Side Sleeper

This position is more likely to be preferred by self-confident dogs who are comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. The “side sleeper” is generally a rather independent dog that can get along well on its own.

Usually dogs choose this position for a short nap, but some may sleep for several hours in this way if they feel comfortable.

2.     The Fox

This means a defensive position. This is a sleeping position where the paws are pulled under the body. Almost all dogs will try to sleep in this position at least once, because this is how the animal’s body gets the most protection.

The “attach surfaces” that most often occur in the neck and stomach are completely protected and in this position dog can feel good and safe. Perhaps in this case the question arises, why your Australian Shepherd sleeps in a defensive position? Well, there is no single explanation, but you should observe how often the dog sleeps in such position, is he very sensitive when sleeping and so on. If it’s a very rare case – there’s nothing to worry about, then it was more convenient for him.

3.     The Donut

There are some dogs that make themselves very small in their sleep and curl up like a donut. A simple explanation: this is how dogs stay warm while they sleep. While your dog may prefer stretched out sleeping positions in summer, he tends to make himself small in winter.

It is observed that puppies often sleep curled up like this, as they feel safe, protected and less vulnerable.

4.     The Superhero position

In this sleeping position, the dog stretches out all his legs, body and takes a lot of space. In this position dogs rarely sleeps deeply and most often will jump up quickly as soon as something around him becomes interesting.

Often you will find puppies sleeping this way, or dogs with a high energy level that only took a short break.

5.     Legs Up

If your Australian Shepherd sleeps in this very funny position, you can assume that he is feeling very well right now. It means that he is very confident and relaxed at the moment, and have full confidence in the environment.

This position is the complete opposite of the “fox”, as the animal makes itself completely vulnerable here by exposing its throat and belly. For this reason dogs or wolves that live in nature would never go to sleep in this position.

6.     The Stomach Sleeper

This sleeping position seems more relaxed than it actually is! This position is similar to “superhero” position. Dogs that sleep like this cannot loosen all of their muscles and thus cannot completely fall asleep. The legs are drawn closer to the body. The head usually rests on the front legs and one or both paws are often folded over.

The stomach sleeper position is more likely to be used by dogs for short breaks or slumber phases than for deep sleep. The dog lying in this position will generally have a bright mind and will always be adventurous.

7.     The Back Sleeper

This position is mainly chosen by dogs when they have previously used a lot of energy and are now completely tired. If you often see your Australian Shepherd sleeping on his back – you can be calm. Your dog is very satisfied and relaxed.

In general, this position is very similar to position “legs up”. The dog feels very self-confident, comfortable and secure in its surroundings. Dogs that sleep on their backs are often independent and relaxed companions. This sleeping positions shows a combination of submission and vulnerability. By the way, if your dog pulls his front legs to his chest, you shouldn’t wake him up. This shows that he does not want to be touched. He may therefore react with defense if you disturb him.

Final Thoughts

Does your Australian Shepherd sleep in completely crazy sleeping positions? These different sleeping positions are, of course, only a small selection. There can be countless other postures in which a dog can slumber – be it squeezed into any corner, on the stairs, with its head hanging out of the basket or completely twisted. Everything is fine, as long as your Australian Shepherd can sleep well!

Related Questions & Facts

Sleeping is very important for your dog, regardless of the sleeping position. By the way, dogs need more sleep than humans: until they are around 12 weeks old, puppies sleep up to 20 hours a day. Adult dogs sleep around 13 hours a day. And as they get older, the amount of sleep increases again – it then reaches around 18 hours a day.

Sleep is important so that your dog can recharge his batteries and process what he has learned during the day. In simple words: sleeping is important so that your Aussie is doing well. Therefore, you should generally only wake your dog from sleep in emergencies. If they are regularly disturbed while sleeping, this can lead to poor concentration, lack of drive, anxiety attacks and behavioral problems. Make sure that your Australian Shepherd sleeps in a quiet, safe, and comfortable place.

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