Why Does My Australian Shepherd Stare At Me?

Are you familiar with a situation where you are doing your own business and notice that your Australian Shepherd is staring you closely? When dogs stare at us, it‘s because they want something! Most often, these are the main reasons why your Australian Shepherd stare at you:

  • They want to go for a walk
  • Dogs want to eat
  • They want to play
  • Dogs want a cuddle
  • They feel that you are in a bad mood
  • Aussies are interested in what you are doing
  • If you are training your dog, he can look at you as he awaits your commands

Your Australian Shepherd Is Staring At You To Ask For Something

One of the main reasons why dogs usually maintain such direct and long-term eye contact with their owners is to ask them what they need or want, whether it‘s your food, walk or cuddle.

Has it been a while since he was last let outside? Is he staring around the time he normally eats? In these cases he might ask for food or he might want to go outside. Of course, it is possible that you encouraged this behavior and he knows how to get what he wants.

If your dog is staring at you and whining, it could be a sign that your dog is sick or injured and needs your help. Dog is whining to make sure you can hear him. So if you know he has been outside and been fed, it may be worth visiting the vet to rule out any medical issues.

Aussie Wants Your Attention

It is possible that you have rewarded and encouraged this behavior and now he is staring at you again. If your Australian Shepherd has been staring at you and you‘ve been paying him attention, he‘ll quickly learn that if he just stares at you, he‘ll get what he wants.

However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Quiet stare is likely to be preferable to howling or barking. So as long as you can live with this stare, it‘s really nothing to worry about!

Staring Releases Oxytocin

Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone”, is a hormone that your brain secretes when you form social bonds. Also, the release of oxytocin between you and your dog is mutual. When the two of you stare at each other, your brain will release this love hormone. It strengthens the bond between you and your dog and makes you both feel good. In principle, the same mechanism of positive feedback results in maternal love when a mother looks at her newborn child.

Interestingly, dogs do not use eye contact with other dogs as a means of establishing and strengthening relationships. Therefore, scientists hypothesize that the dog found its way into the heart of an ancient human being by learning behave like a baby.

Dog Is Trying to Understand What You‘re Saying

If you are talking to your Australian Shepherd and he is just staring at you, especially if his head is tilted, it could mean he is trying to figure out what you are saying to him. Dogs are well aware of a variety of emotions. They observe our body language and listen to our voice – even subtle changes in the timbre and sound of a voice or specific words can associate with fun activities for them. Dogs also constantly „read“ our faces to get information about our emotional state.

Your Dog Is Looking For Confirmation

If your Aussie is in a situation that he is not sure about, they may stare at your for your confirmation. You have probably noticed that if something strange happens while you are walking, or if your dog is confused during a training session, he starts staring at you.

This is actually very good behavior that you should appreciate. Instead of deciding what to do for himself – which will often be something like barking, running towards the weird thing, jumping and so on – he trusts you and asks for your decision.

The Reason Is Boredom

The stare could also be a sign that your Australian Shepherd is bored. If you haven‘t been entertaining enough for your dog and he‘s trying to do something, he might sit down and stare at you to tell you he‘s bored.

In case your dog is staring out of boredom, now is the time to spend more time with you animal. Also, you can purchase some toys as this will keep him busy. A great way to spend time with your dog is by teaching him new tricks. This will stimulate your dog mentally and also creates better relationship.

A Strong Look And a Stiff Body Are Signs of Aggression

If you noticed a strange look from your Australian Shepherd, don‘t forget to pay attention to the rest of your dog‘s body language.

Sometimes a strong look and a stiff body could be a sign of aggression. In this case you should try to understand the reason for aggression and discuss with behavior specialists or veterinarian how to avoid this kind of situations.

Why Does an Australian Shepherd Look You In The Eye When Pooping?

A significant number of dog owners notice that their pet looks directly into their eyes while pooping. This is not because the dog feels confused and wants you to turn your gaze and give him privacy in this crucial matter. The situation is much more interesting. Dogs are animals for which the environment around them and their place is very important. To survive they need to be aware of all the possible risks.

Pooping is one of those moments when the dog is most vulnerable. To do what he was about to do, he has to change his posture, so he is not ready to fight or escape at the time. In fact, in moments like these, it would be difficult for the dog to defend itself or avoid danger. So the dog instinctively perceives his helplessness.

At the same time, the dog perceives being a member of your gang, your family group. If a dog looks at you when pooping, it means he feels dependent on you, waiting for a sign in body language that you support him and there is nothing to fear. Yet the dog may be looking at you because he wants confirmation that you will defend him if the need arises.

Some dogs do not tend to defecate when someone is watching them or when they are being held on a leash. Maybe the dog feels safer by being away from people where he can avoid attention and at the same time find a place where he will really feel safe. The dog‘s instincts dictate the reaction to his own helplessness during defecation.

Why Does My Australian Shepherd stare at Me When I Sleep?

Dogs usually don‘t sleep all night. Instead, they have short sleep cycles followed by periods of wakefulness. In his waking moments, he may be staring at you to make sure you are okay or maybe he wants something. Also he might just stare at you because he loves you and that‘s how he expresses affection!

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons your Australian Shepherd might be staring at you. Usually your Aussie will stare at you because he wants something, such as food or your attention. If all of his needs are met, then your dog is staring at you because he loves you! So sit back and enjoy the moment with your best friend.

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