Why Does My Australian Shepherd Hate Other Dogs?

Probably every dog owner sometimes encounter the situation when their dog become very aggressive with other dogs around. Dog aggression is really serious problem which should be solved. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems and uncomfortable situations, especially when visiting public places. If you noticed that your Australian Shepherd hate other dogs, below we will share possible causes and how to work with them.

Why Does My Australian Shepherd Hate Other Dogs?

The main problems why Australian Shepherds hate other dogs and behave aggressively are lack of socialization, fear of themselves or their owner. Or even negative events and experiences from the past can have an impact. Below we will explain them more in-depth.

Poorly socialized dogs tend to misbehave

The period up to 3 months of age is very important for puppies. Relationships are being formed with both humans and other animals. They are learning what sounds and experiences they should not fear. During this period dogs also learn how to communicate with others using body language and voice. Puppies that are well socialized during this period (for example, live in a family home, encounter many people and other animals) are calm, confident and well-behaved adult dogs.

However, puppies that are not properly socialized (usually the dogs living in a farm or those who rarely visit public places) tend to grow into dogs that are afraid of everything. They are afraid of people, other dogs, and react cowardly to sounds, objects, or certain environments. In most cases, such fears turn into aggression.

Australian Shepherd Hates Other Dogs and Acts Aggressively Because Of Fear

Have you even seen such situation, when really small dog acts very aggressively, bark or even try to bite way bigger dog? In most cases, such actions can be explained that dog is afraid, and fights with fear while being aggressive. If the smaller dog barks, the owner takes it in his arms, caresses, and the small dog accepts it as an incentive to attack, to provoke other dogs.

Negative Events and Memories Leave the Dog with Long-Lasting Emotional Scars

Bad experiences can leave a scar forever! If your Aussie has run into a dog that has frightened or even injured him while walking, his aggressive behavior acts like a protective shield.

7 Signs That Australian Shepherd Hate Other Dogs

  1. Growling
  2. Showing his teeth
  3. Stiff posture: all muscles appear tense
  4. Lips drawn up, teeth bared
  5. Dog stares directly at other dog
  6. The ears are pointed forward and raised
  7. Dog tries to pull the leash and get closer to the other dog

How Do You Stop Australian Shepherd From Hating Other Dogs?

Your dog will not suddenly become aggressive or start hating other dogs. From his body language, you can tell if he is feeling uncomfortable and if he becomes aggressive in front of other dogs, from an early age. If you see this, take action until it becomes a habit.

Here are some tips how you can stop your dog from hating other dogs:

  • if you encounter such situation, when your Australian Shepherd meets another dog and start behave aggressively – make sure that your dog moves away. The best thing to do is to avoid conscious contact with other dogs for a while.
  • When you meet another dog, stand in front of your Aussie so that it does not notice it. You can also distract your dog with a toy.
  • Avoid getting nervous yourself in such situations, as it unsettles your dog. Show your dog that there is no reason to be afraid!
  • If your dog becomes so aggressive and tries to bite when meeting another dog, consider a muzzle for the upcoming walks. Especially in the public places, as this aggressive behavior can lead to big problems. When your Australian Shepherd responds to your commands and becomes more socialized, you can stop using the muzzle.
  • Practice dog encounters with familiar dogs, for example meet more often with your friends that has dogs. Of course, meet with those that you know will keep calm.

Commands help!

Would be very good if your Australian Shepherd knows the command how to walk next to you. Let’s say a dog sniffs at something, you call him by name. When he responds to your command – you have to praise him and give him a treat. When your Aussie sees another dog, you should not repeat the name ten times, but say it once. If the dog does not respond, you go backwards from the approaching dog and at that point you grab the leash a bit. In this case, the dog should not get the food. This mean: either the dog reacts and gets a treat, or he don’t react and the owner adjusts on the leash and he still react, but gets nothing for that.

What To Do If Your Dog Started Fighting With Other Dog?

If it has already happened that your dog started fighting with other dog, the most important thing is not to try to separate them by tearing each other behind the collar. During the fight, dogs are in a state of survival, so they does not see who is the enemy and who is the friend. In such situation the dog can even bite the owner himself! The best way to separate dogs is to not give them a chance to make contact: scream, try to get their attention and if possible the owner of attacking dog should pick him up.

There are situations when dogs only bark at each other, such a conflict is easy to put out – you can scare the dogs or throw something into them. But if the dogs are stuck, don’t slip between them, because human safety is most importantly.

Final Thoughts

If your Australian Shepherd’s aggressive behavior doesn’t go away on its own, you must correct the problem. Usually the help of experts cannot be avoided. It is good to contact veterinarian or behavioral experts not only for your dog, but also for your better knowledge! But don’t forget that you are not alone, there are many dog owners who suffer from their dog’s aggressive behavior towards other dogs. It is important to recognize the cause, react quickly and train the dog accordingly.

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