Why Does an Australian Shepherd Hump?

A dog imitates sexual intercourse, usually with a human leg or hand, another dog, a pillow or a toy. We humans are simple – most people decide that a dog (or a female) needs a partner. However, some owners say that this is how pets show dominance – so the dog needs to turned on its back and kept that way. but is it that simple? Does every hump on something, means that dog is the housekeeper? Especially when he „explains“ the same thing to a pillow?

Possible Reasons

First, we should emphasize that this is not just a reason for dominance or a desire to mate. For some reason, the sexual behavior of animals is completely underestimated and pushed aside. Many don‘t even dare mention things like masturbation of animals. However, if such activity becomes overactive, the reasons for it are not related to sexuality which can only be a provoked symptom. Even if a frequently „riding“ dog is castrated or sterilized, it continues to function because it knows that it feels good to do so.

Often when dogs are playing, you can see one of them trying to hump on top of the other. The phenomenon is most common in dogs from 6 months of age. If it is too common – most probably your dog has pathological cause. For young puppies, this behavior is one of the first opportunities to learn about physical opportunities and social potential. The meaning of this is power and control, not sexual behavior.

Here Are 3 Possible Reasons:

  1. Dog can do this because it has too much energy or lacks activity. Especially if someone reacts and gives him attention for humping – he will get even more excited. It seems to be an expression of excitement, which is why „riding“ is often seen during games. You can see this more in dogs are hyperactive, easily gets over-excited or even stressful, and humping can be the way for them to respond to this excitement. For example, after meeting a new dog or person, dog may begin to hump on him, the owner, or any object around, but this does not necessarily means a dominant behavior. This can also be caused by a change in the environment.
  2. It can also be a compulsive disorder (neurosis of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is one of the anxiety disorders), especially if the dog responds to stress in this way. in this case, such behavior can be seriously annoying.
  3. Various health problems, including urinary tract infection, urinary incontinence, priapism (painful erections), allergies, can also promote humping. In addition, dogs suffering from such problems tent to lick frequently their genital area. Such behavior may also be triggered by changes in hormonal activity. However, these things require vet specialist attention and medical treatment, not behavioral corrections.

How To Stop Dog Humping?

Although this is usually normal and shameless behavior in dogs, people often feel uncomfortable when the dog starts to hump. If your Aussie rarely hump on you and it is not bothering you or your surrounding, it is not necessary to correct such behavior. However, if this is repeated very often, humping can become harmful – such as possible penis disease. Although, this behavior can be eliminated or at least reduced, but you need to figure out the reason, why your dog is doing it. If it‘s more sexual hormone-related behavior, then castration probably would help.

If you noticed that your dog only humps on one toy – you just have to remove that toy. Although, some behavioral specialists even advise the dog to give a toy for that purpose, especially if your dog humps because of anxiety. In this case, you need to focus more on the anxiety and solve it, of course with the help of specialist or your veterinarian. And as always when training dogs – be patient and teach your dog without raising your voice.

Try To Direct The Dog‘s Attention

If you see your Australian Shepherd plans to hump on someone, try to direct his attention. In example, start clapping your hands, whistling or even running around. Tell your dog to do some commands, if he obeys – praise him. when the dog calms down, you can play with him for a while. It is important to find a way out the reason and way to solve this until it become a habit. However, if your dog gets too aggressive when you try to stop him, then it would be wise to consult a dog behavior specialist.

Also, if the dog tries to hump on someone, say „NO“ and leave him for couple minutes. If your dog continues doing that, then take him to another room to calm down. After some time bring him back and pretend that nothing happened. It is important for owner to be calm and do not show anger.

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