What to Consider When Buying a Dog: Everything You Need to Know

The little puppy is fascinated by its sweetness and playfulness. However, practice shows that there are many situations, when dog buyers enjoy the pet for just a few months and, if they decide that it is too much trouble, they start looking for a new home for the animal. In this article we will talk about what you need to know before buying a dog.

Does The Partner or Family Agree?

This is probably one of the most important question, does everyone in the family want a pet? If you live with a friend, or have a family, it should be taken for granted that everyone wants to keep a dog. Practice shows that many dogs are quickly given up again because one member of the family wanted to realize his childhood dream, and another agreed to it reluctantly or was not even asked. And then due to constant disagreements in the family over a new resident, it is often decided to give it to someone.

Let Neighbors And Tenants Know

Before buying a dog, ask neighbors and tenants whether they do not object. It would be better for the tenant to give their consent in writing or to record this in the lease, as it has been repeatedly stated that verbal consent was subsequently denied. Just in case something happens in future.

If you look at larger breeds of dogs, be sure to tell the tenant and neighbors about it for safety reasons. There are often no objections to keeping small animals, but when landlords find out the intention to buy a large breed of dog (such as Australian Shepherd), they may disagree. Of course, we should understand the fears of the tenants or neighbors.

Choose a Dog Breed According to Your Lifestyle

If all is well with the first points and you are firmly determined to buy a dog, you must first look at the breed of the particular animal. A common mistake is to choose a pet based on its appearance. To make a rational decision, you need to know the temperament of a particular breed, assess the risk of disease, and the necessary housing conditions. For example, if you plan to raise a large breed dog in a one-room apartment, you are likely to feel uncomfortable.

In all cases, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Visit a veterinary clinic for a consultation, they will answer what health problems dogs of one or another breed usually complain about, how they will feel in your living environment and family.

Male or Female?

Often the choice of a dog by gender is seen as a matter of taste. However, there are significant differences due to gender.

Males are often more energetic and crazy than females. Females spawn twice a year (only once in some breeds) and look for a male contact for a longer period of time. It can happen that a whole gang of dogs will be waiting next to the door of your home at that time. Males are interested in the opposite sex throughout the year. If there are one or more ruminant females in their environment, they are often furious.

Before buying a dog, it is best to find out what is more in your neighborhood – males or females? If there are a lot of unsterilized females, you will have more problems with the male. An alternative would be to sterilize your animal, surgically removing the gonads (testicles or ovaries).

After the operation, the males become calmer, lose the urge to fight for the order of subordination, and no longer interested in females. The temperament of females, in contrast, changes less than of males. Often their behavior becomes more similar to males. After such operation dogs may have an increased appetite, leading to an increase in their weight.

The advantages and disadvantages of castration should be weighed on a case-by-case basis. It is best to consult a veterinarian about problems caused by sexual desire.

If you plan to buy Australian Shepherd, here you can find more differences between male and female, which may help to make the decision easier.

Better Young or Adult Dog?

Another important decision you need to make in time is whether you want a puppy or an adult dog. Serious breeders give their puppies no earlier than 2-3 months. This time the puppy must spend time with the mother and other litter puppies. So, when you pick up a small puppy, he will need vaccines, more care than an adult dog, similar to a small baby.

Or perhaps you would like to save the fate of some dog that has been brought and left in a dog shelter? The fate of the animals placed in the care center is very varied, but the shelter staff can still tell you a little about its history, as well as the character of the animal.

Some people give up their dogs after divorce, others plan to move to another location, or when the dog jealously responds to a newborn – there could be many reasons. Some of these unfortunate dogs have to go through many hands. It often happens that no one does this properly and does not take care of the dog being raised and trained. In rare cases, dogs are placed in care centers for behavioral disorders, so there is no need to worry about this, as the shelter staff will definitely introduce you to the pet you want.

Of course, this step is important, in both cases there are advantages and disadvantages, but the decision must be yours.

Whether Now Is The Right Time?

It should also be well thought out when would be the best time for a new resident. If major changes are anticipated in the near future, such as moving, the birth of a child, a change of job, or a long trip, then it may be better to postpone the purchase of the dog. It would be best to take a vacation until the dog gets used to the house and you can do more with him.


Another important aspect is costing. Practice shows that many animal lovers do not take interest what are the costs of dog maintenance. Keep in mind that your dog will need a balanced diet, a food bowl and another bowl for water, as well as leash, collar and muzzle.

Some dogs, depending on where you live, will need warm winter clothes. Of course, the dog should be vaccinated regularly and visit the veterinarian for necessary veterinary procedures.

To make a pet feel good, he or she will need toys and a comfortable bed. In addition, young puppies tend to tear and bite furniture, so you will likely be forced to spend extra money on home renovations.

Some breeds of dogs need to be sheared regularly. Those costs also need to be included. Of course, the breeder could teach to cut or you can attend some courses and do it yourself. Also, the cost of time must not be forgotten – the animal will need your love and attention, you will have to spend time on games and daily walks.


Remember that by taking a puppy, you also take responsibility for the welfare of the animal. If you are in doubt about your decision, abandon the idea of buying a pet for a while. If your dream puppy already lives in your home, take the time to educate and train him. if your puppy does not play much, does not eat or has other health problems, do not expect anything from a specialist who will choose the right treatment for your puppy.

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