Traveling With an Australian Shepherd

If your Australian Shepherd is not only a pet, but also your friend, it is common for you to travel together. With the growing popularity of vacations with their pets, their owners are increasingly wondering how and where to travel, how to prepare, what to have so that they don‘t have problems at the border or when local officials stops them. Traveling with a dog can be both an adventurous experience traveling with your loved Australian Shepherd and a challenge if you don‘t know how to prepare properly. In this article, we will take a look at airline rules, animal-friendly countries, as well as common travel advices on how to travel by car with your dog.

Common Rules

It is important to know that the laws and regulations of the countries are changing, so before traveling you should check the information about the transportation and stay of animals in another country with travel agencies, if you travel through them. If not – then on the airline pages, as well as in the authorities of the countries to which you travel.Also, visit your veterinarian or any veterinary service to ask for all possible details, so that you have all the necessary documents, certificates, eligible animal transport cages.

In most countries, your dog must have a microchip, as well as a pet passport, a valid rabies vaccine. In order to be accepted in another country, the animal must meet the requirements of that country. So, make sure to do your own research well before departure, otherwise there may be inconveniences that are least needed during the trip or holiday.


When choosing a hotel or apartment, you should look for a pet-friendly places and inform hotel staff about your pet in advance. It is better to live on the lowest floor possible with your dog. If you leave the dog at the hotel, use the „Do Not Disturb“ card, so that the staff and your pet do not get scared of each other when they enter the room.

Prepare For The Flight In Advance

When ready to fly, your pet should be prepared for flight depending on the individual characteristics of the pet. As Australian Shepherds are large enough, most probably they will be traveling in the luggage compartment, so be aware that the temperature there is lower than in the cabin of the plane and is also much louder.

Some travelers get their pets used to traveling by transporting them in the trunk of a car, so that the dog gets used to the darkness, vibrations and cage. Also, it is wise to consult veterinarian, sometimes they advise to give sedatives before the trip, to minimize stress to the animal, but leave this for the vet to decide.

When flying an animal, it is necessary to keep in mind all the usual and additional documents that enable the animal to leave your country and are required by the laws of the country through which you pass or travel.

If you want to travel with a puppy, check the airline page with whom you plan to fly, as some companies usually requires that dog needs to be at least 3 months old.

Want To Travel By Car? Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

The Journey with the dog is different – more foundation, more movement, more enjoyment. When planning a trip, it is important to choose dog-friendly countries. Also, choose a hotel that accepts pets, then there will be no misunderstandings about accommodation.

6 Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

  1. First of all, you should have a dog passport. Consult a veterinarian, what vaccinations, medications your dog needs in one country or another, crossing borders, so there would be no problems during traveling.
  2. Introduce your Australian Shepherd to travel by car as early as possible to make travel less stressful for him. get used to the car with delicacies, toys and lost of praise! Take care of the dog‘s bed, travel items, appropriate amount of food.
  3. Plan the trip so that there would be possibility to make stops, so that the dog can run a little and do his business.
  4. Make sure that the dog has a comfortable place in the car. Dog should be comfortable and have its own space.
  5. Bring enough plastic bags to collect dog feces.
  6. Take things with you that might be necessary, such as tick spray, dog comb, wax for paw protection, first aid pharmacy for pets, and so on.

Remember: never leave dog alone in the car, it is necessary to monitor and respond accordingly to the dog‘s conditions: excess energy, fatigue, sadness or hilarity.

Chip Marking

A dog marking chip is a simple and quick procedure. When going on an adventure, the dog needs to be chipped not only because of a legal requirements, but also because the dog might get lost during the holidays. So, it will be much easier to find and return it to you. When someone finds a dog, bring it to veterinarian or animal shelter, and they can scan the embedded chip, find owners information in the chip database, and contact them to pick up the animal. This is even more important if you are going abroad with a dog, as unfamiliar sights and sounds can affect your dog, and they can stop listening and start to chase someone and get lost.

Leaving The Dog At Home

Of course, not all dogs can travel. For example, if your dog is old, sick, or has a fear of isolation or travel in the past, you may want to leave him at home with a trusted dog handler or kennel.

Be sure to find something right for your dog. There are variety of options,  but it all depends on your budget. To make it easier for you to choose what works best for both of you, start monitoring how your dog feels when you leave him short period to another person or dog hotel.

Whether your dog is traveling with you or staying at home, consider what would be best for him. if he‘s happy, your vacation will be great too.

Read here more about leaving your dog alone.

Final Thoughts

Only you know you dog best and know what is right for him and what is not. If you have already decided to travel with your Aussie, no matter how – by car, plane or even train, remember that this may be best vacation not only for you, but also for your friend. Moments will last for a long time not only in photos, they will remain as wonderful and unique experiences for the whole family, which they will want to repeat over and over again.

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