How to Keep My Australian Shepherd Off The Couch

Many dog owners are aware of this situation: as soon as you sit comfortably on the couch, the dog hops right after you. This behavior is not always acceptable, especially with guests at home. And you may not want a huge dog like Australian Shepherd to lie on your couch all the time. In this article we will talk how to keep your Australian Shepherd off the couch.

Should Dogs be Allowed to Lie On The Couch

Well, every host has their own opinion on this question. Some owners allow their dogs to climb and lie on the couch, and see nothing wrong with it. Others do not want a dog on the couch because of the constantly occupied space, hair and perhaps for some other reason.

However, allowing your dog to lie on the couch certainly does not mean that your dog‘s behavior is changing. Have heard such a debate that perhaps dogs are thus showing their dominance. But this is not true. Dogs just love comfort as well. And who doesn‘t like to live comfortably, right?

Decision Is Yours!

So, this is a matter for you to decide for yourself. Some people even sleep with their dog, which also has its pros and cons. Just keep in mind that you have absolute control over whether your Australian Shepherd is allowed to enjoy the privilege.

It is worth mentioning that Australian Shepherd is a large breed. So it is best to start correct behavior trainings as soon as you bring him home for the first time. That is, if you don‘t want to see him on the couch when he become adult, weighing about 50 pounds, don‘t allow him on the sofa from an early age.

How to Stop Australian Shepherd From Going On The Couch

So if you‘ve already decided that you don‘t want to let your Australian Shepherd be on the couch, let‘s discuss a few ways to do it right. People online share a lot of tips on how they deal with this issue. Some don‘t let dogs into the living room at all. Others load the sofa with various objects or even scary plush toys. You will probably agree that none of these methods seem very acceptable.

After all, we want our Aussies to be around and feel happy. The answer on how to stop Australian Shepherd from going on the couch – education. We all want to live in harmony with our dogs. However, for that to be the case, it is the responsibility of the owner to teach the dog from an early age what the house rules are. Below we will share some tips how to keep him off the furniture.

4 Tips How to Keep Your Dog Off The Couch

1.     Make Him His Own Couch

Dogs often like to lie a little higher. You will probably notice over time that as soon as a pillow falls on the ground, after a while the dog is lying on it comfortably. So a possible option would be to buy and possibly make his own sofa.

Most dog stores offer a variety of dogs beds, so there will be no problem finding one that will fit your interior. And also the dog will have its own corner.

2.     Make The Couch Unattractive

An extra step that can reduce a dog‘s desire to climb on a couch – somehow make it unattractive. And here are a few ways to do it.

One example could be placing aluminum foil on the seat. As the dog tries to climb up and touches the foil, he will definitely not like its sound. You can also try other sound emitting devices. Of course, do not overdo it and do not scare the dog.

3.     Don‘t Leave Any Space

Dogs want comfort no less than humans. So if it is uncomfortable for them and there is too little space left on the couch, they will not want to lie on it. Sit comfortably on the couch if necessary and place something on the other end to leave no space for the dog.

The principle of blocking the way on the couch works in a similar way. Push the coffee table very close or turn the sofa towards the wall. Of course, this method requires a lot of effort, because you have to constantly push something back and forth. But you just have to endure until the dog gets bored and finds a new place to lie.

Remember, the most important thing to teach a dog is that the sofa – a place not for him. If he learns the right behavior at a young age – later he will have no interest in lying on the couch at all.

4.     Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency is one of the most important things to teach a dog something. sometimes allowing, sometimes not allowing is a bad decision. It will be difficult for the dog to understand how to behave. So be patient and persevering, be able to say no to those loving eyes!

Final Thoughts

So whether or not a dog should be allowed to lie on a couch is completely free for you to decide. As the saying goes, your home – your rules. Of course, it is best to consider everything in advance. Small Australian Shepherd will one day become a large adult dog. And it may be more difficult to rearrange an adult dog. If you decide you don’t want to see your Australian Shepherd on the couch, use the methods described above. And over time the dog will realize that the couch is not the place for him.

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