How To Keep an Australian Shepherd Happy? 10 Tips You Need Must Know

When a dog is bored, his behavior can become unpredictable and all devastating. You may have felt what it means to find chewed shoes, torn books and so on. Dogs need encouragement that forces them to improvise and come up with „new toys“ from what they find so they don‘t get bored.

At a modern pace, for many owners this becomes a common and difficult problem, but there is a solution: give your Australian Shepherd toys that will take their full attention for a long time, focus their energy and demand thinking – then you will have a happy satisfied dog and an unbroken home.

Here Are 10 Signs That Your Australian Shepherd Is Happy:

  • Tail wiggling

This is fairly well-known indicator of a dog‘s joy. If you didn‘t know it, the first sign that your puppy is feeling happy is a wagging tail.

However, according to the research, it has shown that tail wagging is not always a joy.

It is believed that if a dog swings its tail to the right while waving its tail, then it is happy, and the one that waves to the left is a bit nervous.

  • Their ears are relaxed

It turns out that the happier the puppy is, the more relaxed or hidden his ears will be. The very erect ears of puppies indicate fear or aggression.

  • The nostrils seem relaxed

Have you noticed that your dog sometimes smile? Probably, you were not wrong. The jaw of a happy dog is relaxed (sometimes it even resembles a smile) rather than tense.

  • They are hungry

A good appetite is a great sign that your dog is happy and healthy. If you notice major changes in your dog‘s appetite, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

  • They sleep a lot

It is believed that happy dogs can sleep up to 16 hours a day. This is a clear sign that your Australian Shepherd is happy and relaxed.

  • They feel calm when you go out

Happy dog will not feel the tension when you leave, because he trusts you and knows you will be back.

  • Healthy coat

One of the signs that the puppy is unhappy or unhealthy is that his fur has begun to shed sharply. A healthy, shiny dog coat is a good indication that your animal is happy.

  • They come for a cuddle

Many experts say that dogs, in fact, don‘t particularly like hugs because dogs view hugs completely differently than we humans do (dogs feel like they‘re trapped and dominated).

However, if your dog likes to fall asleep on your knees or lying next to your hug, it usually shows that he is very happy and feels good with you.

  • They show you their belly

If the puppy lies on his back and plays, he feels quite safe and can be considered happy.

  • They get along with other dogs

If your dog is popular among other dogs, it is a sign that he is satisfied, good natured dog. It is always good for a dog to be friends with other dogs.

10 Tips For The Owner On How To Raise a Happy And Healthy Dog:

  • It is very important to vaccinate the dog in time.

Not only small puppies need to be vaccinated, dogs of any age need to be vaccinated periodically to protect against diseases such as canine parvovirus, canine distemper and hepatitis. Vaccination dates should be marked and kept as this may be useful when purchasing a dog passport or temporarily accommodating a dog in a dog hotel.

  • Discuss castration and neutering of dogs with your veterinarian regarding potential risks.

To reduce the number of unwanted puppies, it is advisable to sterilize pets. Females can be neutered after the first oestrus, males can be neutered after 8 months. When the need to extend a desperate relative diminishes, the pet will live a happier life. Of course, always consult with your veterinarian.

  • Monitor pet weight

Dogs always need well-balanced, nutritious food and fresh water. The number of times you need to feed depends on the breed and the age of the pet. Delicacies can make training easier, but you shouldn‘t feed too much of your dog throughout the day. The dog should be weighed regularly and the veterinarian should be advised what to do if he has gained weight.

  • Diversify daily exercise

Dogs of all breeds need to exercise daily, doesn‘t matter if the weather is good or not. The dog should be taken outside before being fed. Whenever possible, efforts should be made to ensure that walks are different and active on a daily basis, and that the dog is kept busy. They should also be allowed to run away, explore the environment, interact with other dogs. then they will return home tired and want to fall asleep.

  • Take care of the dog‘s fur

Fur needs to be nurtured, combing helps to remove dirt and prevents from shedding. Dogs eyes and ears should be inspected, gravel stones and needles removed from their paws. When bathing a dog at home, use a mild shampoo for dogs.

  • Brush your teeth for dogs

Dogs can sometimes be bothered by bad breath, so in case of problems, it is recommended to clean them twice a week. Plaque and tartar cause gingivitis and the dog may even loose teeth. Start brushing your dog‘s teeth, cleaning up and down. A special toothpaste for dogs and brushes can be used. If there are no major problems with the teeth and bad odor from the nostrils, it is enough to give them chews regularly, which naturally clean the teeth when chewed.

  • Eliminate fleas and intestinal worms

Parasites are undesirable. Fleas bite the dog‘s skin, encourage scratching to the blood, can cause an allergic reaction. Once a month, it is recommended to use prophylactic measures (flushes, pills or drops) against fleas. It is also recommended that dogs be given anthelmintics 3-4 times a year.

  • Protect dogs from ticks and know how to remove them safely and in a timely manner

Blood-sucking mites are not only nasty, but also spread dangerous diseases both among humans and animals. After a long walk on the grass, always check the dog‘s fur for sucked ticks and, if found, remove them safely immediately.

  • Keep the dog bed and deck clean

Even if the dog is rolling in the dirt, his bed and mat should be clean. The mat should be shaken regularly, vacuuming the hair. Wash blankets, sheets and towels weekly to avoid fleas and unpleasant odors. Remember to wash the car mats as well.

  •  Know the dog‘s routine

Very often, from a change in a pet‘s habit and behavior, it can be said that the dog is feeling unwell and it is timely to consult a veterinarian to prescribe appropriate treatment if necessary.

Final Thoughts

So, paying more attention to your pet can make it easier to understand his mood and whether he is happy and healthy.

Spend more time with your Australian Shepherd, make sure he doesn‘t lack love, exercise, good food and health-promoting products.

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