How to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

Your Australian Shepherd left you a present again? Even if the business was done some time ago, you can still restore your carpet or surface to its previous beauty. In this article you will find several ways on how to clean your animal‘s urine, both fresh and stale.

Animal urine is quite toxic, its smell is even sharper than human urine. This is because the product of animal vital activity is high in uric acid. This acid instantly crystallizes, insoluble in water, so clearing urine stains and removing odor is not an easy task. On the other hand, with the right tools, everything becomes possible. So, how to get dog urine out of carpet?

Cleaning Of Fresh Urine

The first tip is to be patient. It is better to repeat any process several times, waiting for the cleaned area to dry each time, than to do it all at once. Below we will talk about several cleaning methods and the necessary tools.

Use absorbent material

Wet towels or paper towels laid on the place where you found the fresh urine and put something heavy on them and it should perfectly abosrb fresh urine clans.

Leave the towel so pressed for at least ten minutes. If you want to overwhelm with heavy books, first apply a layer of plastic wrap or aluminum foil on wet towels to prevent the book paper from getting wet and stained. If the area to be cleaned of urine has been wet for more than 10 minutes, it is likely that it has also absorbed into the carpet.

For absorption, use a larger piece of absorbent material 50 percent for the area to be cleaned where the stain is visible, as well as use more towels, water, and heavier weights.


  1. Re-wet the area that you want to clean with water. After lifting the absorbent material, pour cold water on the stain again. Start pouring small amounts from the edge of the stain, slowly moving towards its center (going from the outside towards the center can prevent the spread of urine along with the water in an even larger circle). Wait about a minute for the stain to soak into the water.
  • Spray an enzyme-containing cleaner on the area to be cleaned. The cleanser, which contains enzymes, will break down the proteins that have formed in the urine, thus removing the odor and the animal will no longer want to urinate in the same place again.

Most enzyme-containing cleaners should be left for several hours after spraying on a wet area. However, other cleaners work differently, so be sure to read the instructions on the label. If you are cleaning a wool carper, make sure it is safe to clean the wool with the cleaner.

  • Apply another absorbent material. The procedure must be the same as for the first absorbent material. Apply it by spraying with an enzyme-based cleaner sprayed on the area.
  • Keep aborbent material overnight. When you pick it up in the morning, the stain should be gone as well as the smell.
  • Wash or discard used towels. Since the towels you have used to absorb the animal‘s urine, it will give off a faint odor of the dog‘s urine, so it is important to make sure that your Australian Shepherd does not „mark“ them again.

If you used paper towels to absorb urine, put them in a garbage bag and throw them away as soon as possible, so that your pet does not try to get wet on them. If you have used cloth towels, place them in the sink immediately and soak them in hot water.

  • Also one additional option is to clean the carpet with steam. If the stains have not been completely removed when using an enzyme-based cleaner, you may want to rent a steam cleaner or hire a professional cleaner.
  • Ask if the cleaning service has tools specially to clean stains from pets. Stains are much easier to remove when they are fresh, so try to decide quickly whether that is exactly what you should do. There are several reasons why you may need professional help in removing complicated stains:
  • there is a high content of concentrated alkaline salts in the urine.
  • If the rug you are going to clean is a typical home rug with tassels made of nylon and a base made of latex, then such a rug will be more difficult to maintain. If the carpet is woolen, silky or made of viscose, then the paint may wash off.

In this case, if the carpet is professionally cleaned by someone who knows how to protect the carpet from paint leaching, such a solution will be the best.

Cleaning of Obsolete Urine

If you didn‘t noticed that your dog peed somewhere, but you feel the smell, here are some tips that could help:

  1. Buy a large ultraviolet or fluorescent lamp. Would be better if the bulb is long (preferably longer than 12 inches), so that you can illuminate as much of the floor area as possible at one time. Inexpensive bulbs are available at most hardware stores. Although lamps are also sold in pet stores, they are usually smaller and more expensive.
  • The search needs to be done in complete darkness. Your Australian Shepherd‘s urine can be difficult to spot, especially if it is stale. Therefore, searching in the dark can be expected for the best results. Either wait for the night or dim the room as much as possible.
  • Gradually move around the room with sweeping movements, starting from the point where the odor is most intense. When you detect your pet‘s urine, it will be yellow or green color.
  • When stains are detected, clean them. If you can, clean the place of urine as soon as you find it or you can mark all the places that you have found, and then clean them all at once.
  • Test the enzyme-based cleaner using an absorbent material. Using this method can remove not as many stains as you would like, but a good start to half the work. Moisten your pet‘s urination area with cool distilled water.

Pour water in small amounts, going from the outer edge of the stain to the center of the stain. Spray the wet area to be cleaned with an enzyme-containing cleaner. Follow the instructions of your cleaner and do not keep the cleaner more than recommended.

If your carpet is woolen, be sure to use a cleaner that is safe to use when cleaning wool. Wet paper or cloth towels with cool water and place them on the area to be cleaned. Leave damp towels overnight. When you take them off in the morning, you will be able to assess whether or not you need to take extra steps.

  • Steam cleanr also could help you if you can rent it somewhere or hire a professional cleaner. Steam cleaning is good in that it spray enough hot steam to clean the carpet well, and the water can be pumped out after cleaning.

If the area is particularly large, you can alternatively hire a professional cleaner to provide quality cleaning. If you find that you still cannot remove the stain, ask the cleaning equipment rental company to recommend the right equipment for you and try cleaning with a small amount of detergent.

Steam wipers can damage wool, much like shrinking a wool sweater with hot water. If the stain is on a woolen rug that you don‘t want to damage, seriously consider maybe you should hire a professional cleaner.

A Wet or Dry Vacuum Cleaner Can Help

  • Pour a little cold water on the stain and vacuum immediately with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Repeat the process twice or as many times as necessary to remove stains. If the stains do not respond to cleaning, add a little salt to the water.
  • Do not use soap, as residual soap on the carpet will stain it faster. Better use plenty of water.

What Is Not Advisable To Do

Improper action will only make the situation worse, so here are 3 examples that you need to avoid:

  1. Do not spray perfume or something similar on the stain. They will briefly mask the smell of urine, after which it will become even brighter.
  2. Ammonia damages many fabrics, so do not clean textiles with it.
  3. Chlorine cleans urine well, but is toxic, so it can be dangerous to both humans and animals. In addition, it is a thin tissue fiber, making it less elastic.


So, we hope that you got some new tricks on how to get dog urine out of carpet. Household chemicals do not usually remove urine stains and odors. Purchase a cleaner that contains enzymes specifically designed for this type of cleaning. A variety of sprays are available for urine cleaning. Look for one that suits your household needs (ones that are safe to use in a home with children) and will not damage your existing rug. Always read the information on the label of the cleaner. Color fastness must be checked before applying any oxidative deodorization method. Some pets do not tolerate the smell of vinegar, even when it is dry. However, vinegar helps to hide the unpleasant odor, so a few drops applied to the contaminated area can repel your dog and he will no longer urinate in that area.

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