How To Bond With Your Australian Shepherd?

You walk, feed, love your Australian Shepherd, but you can‘t boast of understanding each other from the slightest movement. A strong connection between the dog and the human being exists, but it does not establish in one day. It might take some time until you can finally say that you have bonded with your dog and now you can fully trust each other. It requires not only time, but also proper actions, consistent behavior, attention and your desire. In this article we will talk about some tips how to help strengthen friendships with your Australian Shepherd.

Various studies confirm that dogs are very attentive to people‘s facial expressions, voice and movements. According to this, they are able to recognize people, understand the emotions that surround them, guess what the owner will do in the near future – whether they are going somewhere and dog will be left alone or owner is going to give them something to eat and so on.

Dogs are developed and have the ability to adjust to a person‘s mood and empathize with it – if an owner is sad, anxious, feeling unwell, dog usually lies down next to him and will behave similarly. Dogs are actually able to understand from a person‘s facial expression and voice whether a person is cheerful or angry. However, this characteristic of dogs is neither instinct nor learned behavior – it is a cognitive ability. Dogs are able to link sound and facial expression through a very complex psychological mechanism.

11 Tips How To Bond With Australian Shepherd

Train Together Or Participate In Dog Competition

The common goal builds trust. When you learn new things together or work together repeating long time ago learned lessons, the dog see you as a partner. Partner that helps him to solve problems and enjoy in his success. Participate in the competition together – joint efforts and triumph brings friends together. And a great incentive for your Australian Shepherd to strive is his favorite treats and your praise for a good workout. It is important to feel the dog‘s possibilities, not to exhaust him and not to punish him if something goes wrong.

Spend Time Together

Take your Aussie on a hike or on a safe track by bike, play with him or just read the book quietly together – just you and your dog, without group of friends. Even during daily walks, focus on the pet, not the phone or talking with neighbors. Being in nature and using activity promoting toys can teach your pet new commands and expend excess energy, so it is a win-win situation.

Be Consistent

When communicating with Australian Shepherd, be consistent – show clearly what you want him in words and action. And do not change your opinion according to the mood. If you have certain rules in place at home, follow them yourself and demand it from the dog. Suppose if one day a pet can roll on the bed, the next day you start shouting on him for that – he will just get lost. By knowing clearly what is possible and what is not, the dog will feel way happier.

Consistency in your actions is very important throughout your training. You can‘t suddenly start promoting an action you have previously banned, or vice versa. Or even sometimes punish for the same action and sometimes ignore it. The instability of the owner not only prevents the dog from understanding what is desired from him, but can even make the dog feel unsafe with you.

Don‘t Spare The Praise

When there is an opportunity – praise your Australian Shepherd, pat his chest or head, and let him understand how special and important he is to you. even if something fails right away, encourage dog to try again. Believe me, the dog will definitely understand from the owner‘s voice when he is happy with him and when he is frustrated or dissatisfied.

Get To Know His Body Language

A good owner knows how his dog‘s body reacts when he is afraid, worried, or unwilling to interact with another dog or human being. By understanding the pet, owner helps him to avoid possible conflicts and unpleasant situations. Feeling that the owner is helping him stay safe and dog feels stronger with him.

Control Your Body Language

Notice what signals your body sends to your dog because it works stronger than words. When talking or playing with your Aussie, try to be at the level of the dog‘s eyes. And when training – try to stay straight and dog will understand that this is not a game and he has to concentrate. Never beat a pet as it will start to fear you.

Stay Calm

Even in the most unpleasant situation, try to stay calm. If your pet has misbehaved, don‘t lose control and don‘t let emotions take over you as this will scare him and he will lose confidence in you. if you are very angry, it is better to take a deep breath, walk away and only come back when you are calm. The dog is sensitive, they will realize that they did something wrong, without the noise you make while being angry. An unpredictably punishing owner is more like an enemy than a partner. Such behavior can even lead to aggression. It is very important to remember to always be consistent.

Present Unpleasant Things Playfully

There are things that dogs often don‘t like to do. For example, wash or trim your nails. When doing such work, never shout at the dog and do not force it through coercion. Be playful and patient, use toys and dog‘s favorite treats to help.

Respect Your Dog

There are things we sincerely dislike and are upset when people around us don‘t want to understand. Our pets have things they like and dislike, and they need to be respected. If the dog enjoys when you scratch his ears, but is sensitive when you touch the belly – take this into account. Your dog will trust you more if you know you won‘t make him behave the way he does not like.

Travel Together

When planning a vacation or weekend trip, think about your Aussie as well. Maybe this will slightly adjust the route of the trip, but remember that a dog will feel much happier being together than staying with your friends for some time or in a dog hotel. In addition, everyone knows that adventures while traveling together strengthen friendships.

Pat And Cuddle Him

Cuddle your dog, massage him and enjoy his hugs. It has been known that during physical contact, when we feel loved, stress decreases and the love hormone oxytocin is released. Could there be something better if both sides feel similar?

Final Thoughts

People and their four-legged friends are connected by love, friendship and close relationship. However, it could take some time to achieve this. But Australian Shepherds as a breed are very attached to people, especially the one he spends the most time. Behave properly since your dog puppy days, and you will have an inseparable friend!

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