How To Bathe An Australian Shepherd?

In order for the condition of the dog‘s fur and skin to be excellent, it is necessary to choose the appropriate bathing equipment. In addition, the washing process itself is important, which often causes many problems for dogs and their owners. So how to properly bathe a dog?

How Often To Bathe An Australian Shepherd?

Do not bathe the pet too often – as a result, healthy coat and skin fat will be broken down, the protective properties of the coat will be reduced, the skin will start to dry out and the dog will start scratching.

The frequency of bathing is highly dependent on the activity of the dog. It is advisable to bathe Australian Shepherds approximately every 3-4 months, but a healthy, clean dog will need to be bathed no more than once or twice a year when not needed. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors (and often get dirty there) require more frequent bathing – every 6 weeks or more.

Dogs with thick, double fur like Australian Shepherds will feel better of they bathe less often and comb more often – combing will help to get rid of dead hair and help spread natural fats that help keep skin and fur healthy.

Since When Can You Bathe An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

Wait until your puppy is over 8 weeks old, then you can arrange your first bath. Of course, if necessary, it can be done earlier, but after bathing the puppy, dry him well. Ideally, a puppy under 8 weeks of age should be washed with water only. Try to avoid shampoos, especially those designed to protect against ticks and fleas. Puppy shampoos are already available for puppies over 8 weeks of age. By the way, please note that dogs and puppies should not be bathed until two weeks after vaccination.

How To Behave So That The Dog Is Not Afraid Of Bathing?

To do this, the pet needs to be prepared from an early age. First, gain the dog‘s confidence by touching his limbs daily, handling his ears, examining his muzzle, and combing. Let your Aussie to sniff out the care equipment, and if he doesn‘t act cowardly, praise him. The next step is to accustom the dog to the sound of running water. Try to associate the bathing place with a nice things. when bathing your Australian Shepherd, behave calmly, reward good manners with treats.

How To Prepare a Dog For a Bath?

Comb the animal before the procedure. If your dog has ticks, remove them carefully. If any adhesive (paint, tar, resin) got on the fur – try to remove it by soaking the area with special vegetable oil for a day. In case this method do not help, the damaged area of fur will have to be trimmed.

It is a good idea to cut your dog‘s nails before bathing – especially if this can scratch the floor or even you. at the same time, inspect the middle fingers, cut hair from them, remove the strands.

Keep in mind that you can get wet while bathing (depending on your dog‘s size or propensity to resist), so it‘s better to wear suitable clothes or a bathing suit.

Choose a suitable place for the bath – it is best if the door closes there, so that there is no need for a soaped shaking dog to chase around the house or yard. Also, prepare bathing accessories – shampoo, towel and so on.

How To Protect a Dog‘s eyes And Ears During Bathing?

To protect your dog‘s eyes from possible shampoo contact, you can apply vaseline or mineral oil to the are around them. Cover your ears with cotton balls (make sure they are big enough and don‘t fall into the depths of the ear).

Where To Bathe a Dog?

The dog can be bathed in a tub or pool, bath or shower. Small puppies can be bathed in a small airtight boxes. If your dog is still a puppy, it is comfy to use two pools – one for bathing, the other for rinsing.

Also, it would be better if your dog has a solid base under his feet, for example, rubber mat. This will help prevent slipping and make the animal feel safer.

How Does The Bathing Process Work?

First, make sure the water is warm but not hot, it should reach the pet‘s heel joints. Put the dog in the bath calmly and without panic. If he is screaming or trying to escape, you have to put on a collar and hold him.

Fill the dog‘s back and shoulders with the water so that all the fur is moistened. Be gentle, let the animal get used to it. While bathing, speak with him in a calm voice, reassure and praise for nice behavior. When the dog relaxes, wash its head, but never pour water directly on the muzzle – it should flow down the nape of the neck.

As the dog is already all wet, soap it with shampoo in a massaging motion, in the direction of hair growth. Avoid getting it in your eyes. Some dog owners use rubber brushes.

Once the entire dog is covered in shampoo, rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water until it is clean, free of dirt and soap residue. If the dog is still dirty, the whole procedure may need to be repeated. After the shampoo, depending on the demand, you can also use conditioner, balm and other beauty products.

How To Care For a Pet After Bathing?

As Australian Shepherd‘s fur is dense and abundant, you need to squeeze out some of the excess water by hand. Well, otherwise wrap the animal taken out of the bath with a towel and pat dry. And it is better to avoid rubbing.

Remember to remove the cotton balls from your dog‘s ears – if you put them there to protect the lures from water. After removing the towel, the dog itself can start shaking, running around the house, rubbing on carpets, sofas and so on. So, if you don‘t want that, you can dry your Aussie with a hair dryer – dogs usually learn not to fight these machines fairly quickly. It is important not to use too hot stream of air.

When Can a Dog Be Released After a Bath?

You can go for a walk only when your dog is completely dry. If you want your dog to stay clean for as long as possible between baths, take care of his coat daily – comb the dog, also sometimes dry shampoos can be used (they are in a powder form). Keep in mind that the fur and skin of dogs kept indoors during the cold season can dry out.

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