How Much Space Does an Australian Shepherd Need? The Truth

Quite often people delay the purchase of a dog or refuse it at all. Because they think there will be too little space for the dog in their home. Certainly not everyone lives in a big house with a huge garden. In addition, you can hear various comments from those around you, that there will be too little space for the dog in your home. And if the dog you want is an Australian Shepherd, it really causes hesitation, right? But how much space does an Australian Shepherd need?

How much space does an Australian Shepherd need? Often people think that in order to have a big dog, you have to have a big house. But this is not necessarily true. You can live and raise an Australian Shepherd in an apartment. However, it is important that the dog receives the required daily physical exercise. So by briefly answering the question of how much space an Australian Shepherd needs: you can fully raise a healthy and happy dog even in a small enough apartment. In what way and how much time you spend with your dog is a much more important part.

Will There Be Enough Space For an Australian Shepherd In Small Houses?

As you have already realized, there is no single rule as to how much space your Australian Shepherd must have at home. Most people believe that having a large yard will make it easier to raise a dog. This is true, it is often easier, especially if your yard is fenced. Sometimes you can let the dog run around your yard and do natural things while you are doing your things.

But even living in a house with a huge yard you will have to devote time and attention to the dog. Australian Shepherds are very agile dogs that require a daily discharge of both physical and mental.

So even if you live in an apartment, but your dream is to raise an Australian Shepherd, you can fully realize it. A simple example, and perhaps an answer to the question about space: a dog will be much happier living in an apartment with an owner who devotes 2-3 hours of his daily attention than in a house where he does not receive that attention at all. And that attention can be all kinds:

  • Go for a walk
  • Ride a bike with your Australian Shepherd running next to you
  • A swim in the lake will revive not only you but your dog as well
  • Learning commands in the park
  • Maybe you have a remote place outside the city where you can unleash your Aussie and play Frisbee

Activities can be very varied, as we have already mentioned, the most important thing for a dog to receive is daily activities. A yard can help, but if you want, you can raise a happy dog in the apartment.

How Much Space Is Enough for Australian Shepherd?

Theoretically, the ideal housing conditions for an Australian Shepherd are a house in a village with a large yard, so he can run whenever he feels like it. After all, this breed was invented to lead herds, so Aussies love to be outside and keep doing something.

But again, it is worth mentioning that it all depends on the host. Even if you have a large yard, it will not be the case that the dog is constantly running and doing something on its own. It will still be near you for the most part. Therefore, even if you live in an apartment, but have at least a couple of hours of active activity every day, there should be no problem.

Will Australian Shepherds Fight For Space With Other Animals at Home?

Let‘s face it, everyone wants to have their place at home. Dogs are no different. So it is important that every animal in the house has its place. Maybe it will be his corner under the stairs. Or maybe his entire separate room, as long as there is enough space in the house.

Australian Shepherds have not been shown to be an aggressive breed against other animals. When properly introduced, they get along with cats or other dogs. Of course, it can sometimes be hard to turn them into friends. Sometimes Australian Shepherds like to herd other animals as well as kids. But it is very important how you introduce the dog the child or other animals. Remember, that there are rules in your house and the dog must follow them.

So, make each one a separate space in the house, so that everyone has their own corner when they want to be alone. Teach the animals to respect each other and all will be well.

What Size Cage Does an Australian Shepherd Need?

If there is a reason to use a dog cage, make sure it is suitable for your Australian Shepherd. And the main eligibility criterion is sufficient space. It must be large enough for the dog to sit and stand up freely.

When buying a cage, you also need to consider where you will use it. whether you will only use it at home, and perhaps take it with you on a trip: for holidays, sports competitions or exhibitions. Then you are limited by the size of the trunk and the weight of the cage. After all, someone will have to carry it.

Below are the recommended cage dimensions for a medium-sized dog like Australian Shepherd (source):

  • Male Australian Shepherds should have a crate of about 42 x 28 x 30 inches (length, width, height)
  • Female Australian Shepherds should have a crate of about 36 x 24 x 30 inches (length, width, height)

The most important thing for the dog to feel free. If the dimensions of the cage you want to buy do not fit, but are a little bigger – all is well. It is important not to use too small cage, where the dog cannot turn around or stand up. To better imagine a dog‘s needs, it can be said that an Australian Shepherd need about 2-4 inches higher kennel than when it is fully standing.

Final Thoughts

So, answering the question of how much space an Australian Shepherd needs is quite challenging. Complicated by the lack of a single correct answer. But it is worth mentioning that there are many people who live in an apartment and have a happy Australian Shepherd.

And the secret is daily physical and mental activity. If you decide to give dog your time very day, an Australian Shepherd is suitable breed for you. And certainly don‘t need a giant house with plenty of space.

People Also Ask

Do Australian Shepherds need a backyard?

Having your own backyard is definitely a big advantage and in many cases it can make it easier. You don‘t have to drive to the park or outside the city in you have own fenced yard, what saves a lot of time. However, people solve this problem when they have a lot of desire. Often around the apartment buildings are also all sorts of small parks.

Do Australian Shepherds make good indoor dogs?

It is often heard that Australian Shepherds are agile, constantly wanting to be outside breed. There is a lot of truth here, but also this breed is very attached to its hosts. Therefore, much more suitable for living indoors than outdoors.

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