How Do You Get Rid of Bad Dog Smell? These Tips Will Help

Every dog owner probably knows the problem when their pet has a very special and not quite pleasant smell. Depending on the breed, this smell may be more or less strong. Especially long-haired breeds, such as Australian Shepherds, can cause a strong odor when it is raining or the dog is just wet.

Many dog owners are frustrated by the smell of a new resident and start looking for quick solutions. However, many of those „quick solutions“ and various tools promise quick and effective help, but does not always do what it promises.

Therefore, in this article we will take a look at what really helps to remove the dog odor from home. First step is to find out how the smell gets into the apartment in the first place.

Why Does The Apartment Smell Like a Dog?

Dogs naturally have their own body odor. This varies from breed to breed and the longer the coat, the more intense the smell can be in certain situations. Many dog owners are familiar with the problem of their pet smell, but why the entire apartment suddenly smells like a dog is still a mystery to many.

The answer is simple: the dog moves around the apartment, he lies on his blanket, on the carpet or on the couch. The odor particles that are on the dog‘s fur are transferred to all other fibers that comes into contact. Depending on the nature of the fibers, these odor particles can firmly get stuck in them. Let‘s take a look at different ways to get rid of the dog‘s smell, which can so firmly settle in the apartment.

This Helps Against Dog Odor in The Apartment

1.     The first step in fighting the smell of an animal at home – identification of the source of that odor

Find out what exactly emits the odor: the animal itself, your dog’s bed, carpets, furniture or anything else. Remember that odor molecules have the ability to get into fabric, so a pet must have at least two beds or dog mats. Beds should be changed and washed regularly, without waiting until the smell is so strong that you don’t want to be around. Animal mats can be washed with any powder and disinfected regularly with chlorine-containing products. However, if an animal develops allergies, anti-allergic products should be chosen.

2.     Regular bathing

As soon as it becomes apparent that the dog’s coat has acquired a specific odor, it is a sign that the dog needs to bathe. If you wait longer, the stench will start to feel all over the house. According to the most popular advice, it is enough to bathe the dog once a month, but some owners believe that frequent washing is harmful to the dog. In fact, bathing will not cause any harm to the dog, you just need to choose the right tools.

Remember that when fighting with an animal’s odor, it’s important to find out the cause of that odor. For example, if an animal is old, its odor may be stronger, and this is normal. But if your dog is young, the odor may be a sign of some disease, signaling that it is time to visit a veterinarian.

3.     Clean house

Regular washing of an animal’s bed is just one means of eliminating an unwanted odor. Of course, sometimes it is enough, but not always, because the most common source of odor is the floor. It must be admitted that people who raise dogs at home often make a fundamental mistake – they do not pay attention to surface cleaners, so they choose the wrong one.

For example, chlorine-containing household chemicals perform well as disinfectant: they deal effectively with microorganisms, so it is really worth using it at least occasionally. However, this is useless against odors because the sources of odors remain. A good example could be the urine of an absorbed animal. In this situation, if you use chlorine-containing chemicals, it only masks the smell thus tricking our sense of smell. As the odors emitted by animals are of organic origin, they can only be eliminated by enzymatic agents that degrade protein compounds.

Preparations for cleaning septic tanks may also be suitable for neutralizing odors. These products can be diluted and, when poured into the sprayer, used as sprays to areas where the pet spent most of his time. Remember to read the instructions on the product labels carefully: ignoring them is one of the most common reasons people find a product worthless.

Inexpensive and Effective Tool That Can Help – Soda

Even the cleanest pet leaves its odor on furniture or carpets, that’s why it has to be vacuumed frequently. It is also convenient to use soda, which is a natural odor absorber. Sprinkle the carpets, bed and furniture with baking soda, spread it gently with a brush and leave overnight so that the soda absorbs all the bad smells. Then vacuum up the soda residue. You can also use soda as a natural air freshener – just leave the box open on the cupboard.

Still Can’t Get Rid of The Smell?

The floors are cleanly washed, the mast have just been washed, the sofa has been thoroughly cleaned, the dog is bathing regularly, but is that unfortunate smell still floating in the air? It is likely that the source of the odor was not found. Areas accessible to dogs can still be carefully inspected and, if necessary restricted. Searches can be sped up by an ultraviolet flashlight capable of illuminating even the darkest corners of the house. You should also consider to buy an air purifier. Not only air purification, but also ionization devices are particularly useful. Of course, they will not remove the dirt itself, but it will definitely help in the fight for fresh home air.

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