How Do I Train My Australian Shepherd Puppy To Pee Outside?

Every new owner who buy a small puppy experience not only a lot of joy, but also a lot of worries. The essential of them is how to teach the dog to do natural things outdoors so that he does not have to constantly clean the house, as it can get really frustrating. Determine that this may require not only iron patience, but also a little effort – only then you will be able to enjoy great results.

Whether a puppy will urinate frequently at home or endure before being taken outside is greatly determined by his age. The younger the dog, the smaller his bladder, so it‘s natural that he can‘t suffer for long until he‘s taken outside, that is why he urinates at home. For example, a 3 month old puppy eats, drinks some water, plays, fall asleep, gets up – and his bladder is already full. So watch you Aussie when he wake up and be prepared to go outside. Such walks usually last only a few minutes, but they must be planned often enough.

It would be best to take at least a week off or even better if you work from home. But if it is not possible to take your pet outside during the day, think about what decision you could make, maybe ask for a help from friends. Once the pet is an adult, it will be necessary to take it outside only 2-3 times, but until then, much more attention will be needed.

Observe The Signs Shown By The Puppy

Sometimes the owners do not even notice that the puppy is asking to go outside and soon they will find a „present“ on the floor. If the puppy runs to the door, starts jumping or whining, these may be clear enough signs that the puppy already wants to go outside. You should not ignore this, especially if you have a young puppy, even if he ask to go outside at night. Of course, it‘s not always easy to get out of bed and go outside, but keep in mind that the bladder in small puppies is much weaker than in adults. If you ignore the signs shown by your animal, the next time he will just squat and do his natural things wherever he wants.

If An Incident Has Already Occurred – Do Not Shout On Your Puppy

If a puppy were to do things at home, he would not have to be shamed or scolded. Dog owners often think that puppies understand why they are being punished, but this is not entirely true. The raised tone of the owner is not pleasant in itself, so it is natural for the puppy to squint or show other signs of shame. You can be sure that even a very offended dog will later make the same mistakes, so don‘t stress him out, and just clean up what he‘s made.

However, what is different if you catch a puppy in the „action“, you see that your animal is walking around, sniffing the floor – this is a clear enough sign that it is time for him to go outside. Run outside without waiting for anything, and don‘t spare praise if everything was done outdoors.

Incentives For On-The-Spot Affairs

When taking the puppy outside, try not to worry your puppy, do not play or talk too much with him, let him do his „business“. If your Australian Shepherd is doing his natural things outdoors – do not spare praise and delicacies. You can be sure that such a positive experience will really be captured by the pet, so he will be tend to repeat his behavior next time.

However, sometimes the owners face a problem where the dog is just sniffing the ground, but is reluctant to squat to do things. And then does his things when he come home. This problem is quite simple to solve – do not walk too far when you go outside, but choose a relatively small area of land, where you want to encourage your pet to do natural things.

You can then enter a command to encourage you to do natural things faster. This will come in handy not only when your pet is being trained to defecate outdoors, but also when your dog is already an adult, as sometimes there is not enough time to wait for the dog to pick the right place.

Pee Pads For Puppies

Pee pads help puppies get used to doing things in the right place. In the past, people usually used newspapers instead of pee pads, but they do not absorb moisture well, do not stop the smell and puppy can leave marks all around the house with his wet paws. Meanwhile, pee pads for dogs absorb moisture perfectly, paws stay dry and clean.

Although most dog owners first try to get their pet used to do his things on the pee pad, this also has negative effects: training to do things outdoors often takes a long time, and the puppy can also make associations with other soft surfaces. This is why a pet can start urinating and defecating on a rug, sofa and so on.

While the pad can serve when the puppy is still very small and has not received all the necessary vaccinations, it is worth not to rush with the pad. However, if you think that teaching natural affairs on a pad is the best option, you can try a variety of attractive tools. Also, don‘t forget to praise if your puppy is defecating in a designated area!

Cages Can Help

Dogs have an innate instinct not to contaminate their place. We just have to take advantage of that instinct, and help the puppy understand what we expect from them. Sometimes it‘s hard to spot when a pet wants to go outside, so a cage can be a really good way out in certain situations. The cage for the puppy mimics his personal place, so they don‘t urinate in the cage. When your puppy goes to rest in a cage, you can be sure there will be no „disasters“, but watch your puppy wake up then take him outside. Don‘t worry, it‘s definitely not any torture for a puppy.

With the right presentation and training, a dog feels safer in a cage than anywhere else. So a puppy, no matter how small, will never urinate in a cage if he can physically keep it. It is your responsibility as an owner to get your puppy out in the time. The main goal is to prevent the puppy from making mistakes. With the help of a cage, it‘s much easier.

Final Thoughts

Some puppies realize very quickly that doing natural things is only allowed outdoors, while others take a little more time, so don‘t give up, and you‘ll definitely get great results.

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