How Do Australian Shepherds Show Affection?

Dogs are considered human best friends. Although they are unable to speak, their friendship and connection with the owner can be very strong. Australian Shepherd as a breed is very friendly and loyal with their owners. They always love and respect their owner, even if sometimes they don‘t show that. But how do you determine the affection of your Australian Shepherd? Well, Australian Shepherds, same as any other breeds can show it in very curious ways that they have taken us deeply into their hearts. Many dogs express their love in a variety of ways, but below we will present several possible scenarios.

Abundant Greetings Are Proof of Love

Is it so that no one greets you as excitedly as your Australian Shepherd? That‘s because he is incredibly excited about your return. That doesn‘t necessarily have to do with the length of your absence. When your Aussie jumps up and down in a frenzy, literally performs a dance of joy and wags its tail, it is expressing its boundless joy. Licking hands, barking and squeaking can also be signs of how much your dog has missed you.

This does not necessarily mean crazy trust when the dog jumps on the owner, as such crazy trust can also mean that the dog shows his fear of being separated from the owner. When it comes to love, if a dog meets its owner at the door and wags its tail, it is already a sign that the dog is happy to see its owner.

The Dog Looks at The Owner With Round, Calm and Cute Eyes

Of course, dogs enjoys such a look because their owners immediately respond to it and fulfill dog‘s requests. For example, they look at you when they want to go out to do their „business“, or simply want your attention and play-time. However, recent research has shown that such a dog‘s look doesn‘t always have only social significance. It has been found that such a look from a dog expresses love for its owner.

When they see such a look on the, the owners immediately reach and respond at the same time, thus expressing their love for the pets. It is similar view like mothers look at their newborns, so it really explains the strong relationship between the dog and the owner. True, don‘t confuse staring with a cute, calm look.

Licking Off Means Affection

Dogs already knows caressing with the tongue from the age of puppies. Mothers also gives her offspring her affection by licking it. That is why most dogs show the love and care by licking.

However, for some dog owners, licking is uncomfortable and therefore undesirable behavior. So, if you are one of those who don‘t like such behavior and want to break the dog off – do it in a good way and not to reject his love too roughly.

Body Contact is a Proof of Love

Like us humans, dogs also seek physical contact with those who are really close to his heart. It is a pure and obvious sign of love. The dog just shows his closeness to the owner and expects to get the same. By doing this he expresses that it is good for him to be together.

Pay attention: dogs are not big fans of hugs like us, humans. They prefer more some activity together or a cuddle.

Australian Shepherd Wants to be Closer to The Owner

Maybe the dog is in the same room but doesn‘t pay attention to the owner or just falls asleep somewhere nearby. The dog just chooses to be closer to the owner, which shows that he really likes the company of the owner, even if they are engaged in different activities at the time.

You only like to be around people you trust. It is the same with your Australian Shepherd. If he lying next to you, it means he trusts you and enjoys being around you.

Dogs are highly social animals that are always looking to be close to their “gang” or family. That is why your Aussie shows his affection by following you everywhere and checking again and again whether you are still around.

The Dog Brings Things and Tries to Involve in This Activity

Dogs, just like humans, when they are lonely, scared or worried about something – are not tend to play at that time. Happy dogs, those who love their surroundings, just want to run around and play with everything that owner throws at them. This expresses the joy of being together and shows that the owner is very loved.

A dog can express more than just love. How not to get confused? Suppose a dog looks anxiously at the owner as he prepares to leave. It doesn‘t mean love or affection at all, it just shows that the dog really doesn‘t want to be left alone. Although the bond between the dog and his owner is very strong, the fear of being left alone is stronger. In some cases, the dog realize that the owners will return, but are still worried.

Mutual connection always strengthens friendships. Both the dog and his owner are very attached to each other and really become very good friends. Because dogs are smart, they are able to express their love and trust in their owners with obvious signs. Owners usually respond in the same way, which only encourages the pet to be an obedient and loyal companion. Dogs love attention, so the constant response to their love only strengthens their loyalty.

Your Australian Shepherd Will Turn to You in Dangerous Situations

Another way how Australian Shepherds show their affection is how they behave in dangerous situations. If your Aussie relies entirely on you when he or she is guided by you in dangerous situations, that‘s a sign of trust and love. Your dogs want to see how you react.

Socks and Shoes of a Loved Owner Are Important for Dogs

Many people don‘t really want to see a dog pulling socks or shoes. However, if your dog really loves you, your smell is very important to him. Dogs perceive the world primarily through their noses – so smells are very important to them. If you don‘t want your Australian Shepherd to steal your clothes and possibly chew them, you should take care of enough other toys.

Favorite Toys are Only Shared With People They Trust

When your Australian Shepherd brings his absolute favorite toy to you and wants to play, he is also showing that he really likes you. You can feel honored! A true sign of devoted love.

Getting a Good Night Sleep is Important to Your Dog

A dog‘s affection is also shown in the fact that he wants to sleep near his owner. Many dogs love to sleep next to their human in bed – but not every owner likes that. In this case, if you don‘t like your dog to sleep in the bed, offer the dog to sleep at least in the same room. In this way he can feel comfortable and fill his need to be as close as possible to his human being.

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