Do Australian Shepherds Need a Fenced Yard?

As you probably already know, Australian Shepherds are really obedient dogs. However, a dog of any breed can still sometimes disobey and succumb to instinct. Probably none of us would want a dog one day to pull out a neighbor‘s favorite flower or chase after a stranger‘s dog. In this article we will talk about whether Australian Shepherds need a fenced yard and what it should be.

Do Australian Shepherds need a fenced yard? In short – yes! They are large enough breed of dog that wants to spend a lot of time outdoors. To ensure a good time for both you and your Aussie – a fence is an absolute must. A dog fence ensures that the dog can move freely in your own garden and does not escape unintentionally or frighten passing pedestrians or neighbors.

What Are The Requirements For a Dog Fence Suitable For an Australian Shepherd?

The dog fence must be constructed in such a way that the dog cannot jump over it or dig a pit and crawl out. In addition, the gaps between the strips must be narrow enough to prevent the animal from trying to come out. Some dog owners are even required by law to fence their property. Depending on the federal state, you can get information from your local public order office.

The fence for an Australian shepherd should meet several essential requirements:

  • The fence must provide a sense of security for the residents and become an additional barrier for those who would like to enter the area;
  • The fence should be strong and reliable;
  • Be high enough to provide greater security;
  • Dog hosts should feel the security provided by the fence, but not complete isolation from the world around them.

How High Does an Australian Shepherd Fence Need to Be?

The height of the fence depends primarily on the size of the dog. As a rule of thumb, the fence should be about three times the height of the dog. Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs, whose height is around 18-23 inches (45-58cm). Thus, it is advisable for a dog of this size to build a fence of about 5-6ft (1.5-1.8 meter) height.

In addition to the size of the dog, the other characteristics of your Aussie should be taken into account, when choosing the right height for the fence. Some dogs jump a lot and a small fence won‘t really stop them. There are also such dogs who constantly like to dig and if they want to escape, they will just break under the fence. Or there are such heavy and strong dogs that can easily knock down an unstable fence.

Different Types of Dog Fences

The main function of the fence is not only to decorate the area of the house, but also to protect your territory. Since one of your requirements is that the fence is high enough and with small gaps to keep your Australian Shepherd in, here are some options:

1.     Wooden fences

One of the most popular and favorite types of fences is the wooden fence. Wooden fences are popular for their decorativeness as they are easy to adapt to any environment or building. They also have a changeable design, as you can choose a wooden fence in various shapes, paint or decorate it. The downside is that wooden fences rot over time, but there is a positive side as well. Only rotten part can be replaced with a new part.

2.     Mesh fences

Mesh fences are suitable for those who want to save some money and want to see well what is going on outside the yard. Therefore, these fences are worth paying attention to those looking for a compromise between price and quality.

As for the suitability of this fence for the Australian Shepherd, we can find several shortcomings. In particular, these fences have relatively large gaps. Your dog won‘t really crawl out through it, but will see perfectly what‘s going on behind the fence. Therefore, from time to time, there will be situations where the dog is constantly barking because he sees some other dog as an example.

Also, to build this type of fence, you should think carefully about how to reinforce the bottom so that the dog does not try to dig.

3.     Decorative metal fences

One of the most reliable types of fences is metal fences. A metal fence stands out for its durability because metal is a durable material in itself. For this reason a metal fence is much more durable than fences made of other materials. Metal fences are hard to break, they are usually built with a cement foundation. So there is no chance for the dog to dig and crawl out. Of course, this option is one of the more expensive, but it pays off in its longevity.

4.     Segmental fences

If you want a fence through which you can see what‘s going on around – segmental fence is another option. If you need the fence to make it clear that the area is private and provide security from strangers, then it is a great choice. They are tall and strong enough so you can feel safe leaving your Australian Shepherd in the yard. In terms of price, this is the middle option between a mesh and a metal fence.

Do Australian Shepherds Do Well With Invisible Fence?

Although invisible fences were popular with dogs at some point, most do not recommend using them. By using an invisible fence you limit only your dog‘s options, but everyone else can enter your yard without any problems. So using this option will definitely not give you complete peace of mind.

Also, over time, these various electrical sensors can change your dog‘s behavior. He might be simply afraid to move freely in the yard, which can even lead to outbursts of anger. Often these invisible wireless electric fences are simply not as effective as people might expect. Statistics show that this type of fence are only about 70% effective (source).

Final Thoughts

Fencing your own yard is usually very beneficial for most dog owners. The dog knows his territory well and you can rest assured that nothing will happen to him if you leave him alone for some time. The fence for Australian Shepherd should be high and strong enough, so that he does not try to jump over it or crawl out.

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