Do Australian Shepherds Like The Beach?

A vacation with a dog at the seaside can be a great experience for both the pet and its owner. However, so that a vacation with a dog does not become a series of problems and unpleasant surprises, we need to prepare for them properly.

When going to the beach with your Australian Shepherd, you need to ensure a safe journey for him. You should pay attention to the health and comfort of your pet, not forgetting the coziness of the people around you.

Where To Go With Australian Shepherd at The Seaside? The Right Preparation

When planning a vacation by the sea with a dog, you should choose a resort where pets are acceptable and make sure there are dog-friendly beaches in the city. In most places, dogs are not allowed to be in a protected bathing area. Despite the absence of official bans, a pet can disturb other visitors in many places and can also feel uncomfortable among the crowd. It is always better to plan where to stay in advance, but keep in mind that this place should have special areas for dogs. The tourist information on site, a short internet search or special dog beach apps provide information about this.

Here Are Some Things to Keep In Mind When You Go To The Beach With Your Dog

  • Important: only go to the beach and into the water with a healthy dog. Even weak or old dogs can be exhausted quickly.
  • If your dog has cardiovascular disease, epilepsy or an infection, you should avoid the trip, especially if the temperature is too high.
  • Do not give your Australian Shepherd much food before the tour, as the dog‘s belly may twist from high activity.
  • Take enough drinking water and a bowl with you to salt water beaches. And if you are out all day, you should have a full dog meal in your backpack.

A first-aid kit (for you and your dog) should also be included in the beach luggage, because broken glass, sharp stones, shells or sea urchins can quickly spoil the fun with the dog on the beach.

Dog Safety at The Beach

Start planning your vacation several weeks in advance. Think about the safety of the pet, make sure your dog does not need additional protective vaccinations (especially if you go to places where he may come into contact with wild animals). Dog must also be protected from ticks!

If the trip to the holiday destination takes many hours, take regular breaks and give your dog some time for his physiological needs, and give him some water and food. Avoid going to the beach during hot weather – it is better to go to the beach with your dog at the night or early in the morning.

A vacation with a dog at the beach is a great idea as long as your dog tolerates the heat well. There is no point in leading your dog to the beach, which in the summer is always hiding in the shade due to health contraindications or should not even be in the sun. Even those animals, that feel good in the open places on hot days, requires special attention from their owners. You need to make sure it always has a shade or cooling mat on which it can lower body temperature.

It should be remembered that out dogs, same as humans, needs to drink fresh water during hot weather, and a sudden loss of heat into cool seawater can cause a temperature shock. Don‘t overestimate your dog‘s swimming abilities, especially in contact with the rippling sea.

Don‘t forget to use a waterproof collar with your contact information, to keep your dog safe in a new unfamiliar place, especially on a beach full of strangers.

Holidays With a Dog at The Seaside And The Convenience Of Other People

When vacationing with your pet, remember that a dog should not disturb other people resting on the beach. What‘s more, an excess of stimuli, contact with other animals or strangers can lead to unusual, sometimes even aggressive, behavior of your pet.

Therefore, we should not leave the animal unattended, but we should always have a leash and a physiological muzzle. It is unacceptable if a dog runs to a children playing in the sand or splashes water near other vacationers. Of course, we have to clean up after out pet, not allowing him to do his business right on the beach or mark the are with urine.

Rest By The Sea With a Dog

Being at the beach with a dog is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship, improve your and his condition, and even use the time spent together to work systematically on the dog‘s habits and discipline. The most important thing is to play with your pet as much as possible. Always carry a ball, flying saucer or proper stick with you. remember that an active dog will not be able to enjoy the sun with us on a towel.

Going into the water

Many dogs find it a really joy to swim and will dive in the water as soon as they can. Special balls, frisbees and other toys also encourages them to go into the water. However, not every dogs are water lovers. So you must respect if your Aussie doesn‘t want to go into the water. Use caution when it comes to taking away his fear of the water.

Make sure your dog doesn‘t swallow too much salt water, as this can quickly lead to dehydration and nausea. And get him out of the water as soon as he shows signs of tiredness. Many dogs do not stop playing on their own and at some point are completely exhausted.

What To Do After a Dip In The Sea?

After swimming in the sea, remove sand and salt residue from the dog‘s coat by showering the dog with fresh water. Then dry off your dog well to prevent catching a cold. Make sure to check his ears, because salt water in the ears can lead to a protracted and painful inflammation in the dog.

Final Thoughts

What could be nicer than spending a day with your dog on the beach? Your Australian Shepherd gets a change in his routine, can romp and run, meet other dogs and cool off in the water. However, keep in mind the tips described above to ensure that a day at the beach with your Aussie would be good!

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