Do Australian Shepherds Like Hugs?

In the heat of daily life and all responsibilities, we sometimes forget to show a sense of love to our loved ones. This also applies to our little friends – pets. Our pets, like all mammals, also have an innate need for physical intimacy. This is most important in early childhood, and also for the rest of their life it has a positive effect on their well-being.

How The Hug Affects The Body of Dogs and People

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Relieves depression
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves tension and anger
  • Reduction of aggression
  • Improves mood
  • Relaxes
  • Increases the body‘s resistance

Do Australian Shepherds Like Hugs?

It‘s hard to tell if hugging a dog is good or bad. Does the dog like or tolerate it, or will it cause him stress? Of course, the answer cannot be unambiguous. The circumstances of the situation and who does it are important. If you hug your relaxed dog sitting quietly on the bed, he will probably enjoy it – even more, sometimes you probably notice that your Australian Shepherd themself offer a hug.

However, it must be remembered that each individual perceives sensitivities differently and accepts them in a different form. Both dogs and cats are made up of introverts who like contact from the other end of the room, and that‘s enough for them. There are also those that are unlikely to get off your knees. Such traits of our pet‘s character and behavior should be respected, not forcing animals to engage in activities that would suit us.

Positive Side of Hugs

Touch is the first feeling used by the body, and social interaction is essential for proper development and further perception of the world. This is because pleasant physical contact releases oxytocin, a love hormone responsible for creating connections and feelings, including between species.

Oxytocin inhibits the nervous system, which is active during times of danger and intense stress. This mechanism lowers cortisol, a stress hormone and blood pressure. It also has analgesic and relaxing effects.

Oxytocin is responsible for building long-lasting and strong bonds. It connects and builds the mutual trust necessary to maintain a proper human-animal relationship.

Not only do people like to cuddle. For many animals, this is also a good way to manage stress. Embracing satisfies the need for closeness, thereby improving the sense of security and socialization in the group.

Do Dogs Actually Not Like Hugs?

For a person, hugging means love, joy, good emotions. However, a dog can‘t understand hugs the way humans understands it. Simply because our little friends do not have hands. Hence, a hug for a dog is not a natural thing. And you may have noticed that your Aussie don‘t like hugs very much.

For a dog, in most cases, hug doesn‘t mean a friendship. If dog puts the front paw on the body of another dog, it means dominance. No matter what is the purpose of your hug, for a dog it means only one thing – demonstrating dominance. Some dogs feel danger, fear or just disgust. It is also possible that a dog will tolerate the hug of one person, but will react way different if other family members try to do the same.

You can tell if your Australian Shepherd likes hugs by seeing the dog‘s body language. If your Aussie licks its lips, tries to avoid eye contact, or strains, it means the pet is showing signs of mistrust and annoyance.

So before you hug your dog, make sure he likes it. No matter how friendly the dog is, you are very at risk of looking straight at a row of sharp teeth. It should be mentioned that dogs avoid not only hugs but also stroking their heads. Just like a human, a dog avoids touches from a stranger. Unfortunately, most dog lovers think that dogs love when someone cuddle their heads. However, even if a dog tolerates such a touch, it does not mean that he feels good when his nose, ears, forehead are touched. If you want to cuddle the dog, especially if its someone else‘s dog – it is better to touch the animal‘s neck or back. The pet should be stroked according to the direction of hair growth so that the dog does not feel discomfort.

How Do I Get My Dog To Like Hugs?

Social behavior and learning to behave appropriately takes place during the first weeks and months of life. Premature capture of the baby from the mother, leaving him or being pushed away from the group, leaves trauma and affects the future life of the dog. Therefore, having unpleasant memories, they can react to some things with fear, anxiety and even aggression. And hugs can be a good example.

It‘s a defensive reaction, not a vicious one. The only thing you can do is to systematically and gently lead or persuade your Australian Shepherd to yourself. But it takes time! There are a lot of common activities and games using toys that allow the pet to stay away, as well as serving treats – first at a distance, then a lot can be done from the hands. The overall, fun game also causes the release of oxytocin, improving relationships and increasing mutual trust. Day by day, such a reduction in distance should bring you closer and it will be easier to hug your Aussie.

Final Thoughts

Most people think that hugs are a great way to express love, support, joy and other positive emotions. It seems normal to us to hug someone and squeeze something in – it always means positive things. however, at this point, dogs perceptions of touches and hugs may vary. Each dog is individual, some may like it and others may not. Some dogs will not show a desire to cuddle at all or even behave aggressively if someone tries to hug them.

Like always, you know your dog the best, so see how your dog reacts to hugs. If they like that – that’s a good way to show love. If you see that your Australian Shepherd is not interested in hugs or feels uncomfortable – look for more ways to show the affection.

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