Can My Australian Shepherd Eat Ice Cream?

Summer heat can be not only frustrating, but also very enjoyable, especially when we can enjoy fresh ice cream and frozen treats. Lets be honest, it would be unfair not to share with out pets, who like us, dream of a delicious burst of freshness.

You‘ve probably seen videos of Australian Shepherds or other breeds of dogs enjoying cold ice cream in the hot summer, but you are hesitant is that a really good idea? Can Australian Shepherd eat ice cream?

A short answer would be: yes, Australian Shepherds can eat ice cream if it is specially made for dogs. However, dogs should not eat ice creams that are made for humans as there could be some ingredients that may endanger animal‘s health.

Is Ice Cream Good Or Bad For Australian Shepherds?

Milk, sugar and other components found in ice cream for humans are not suitable for dogs, because they are difficult to digest. Manufacturers add various artificial flavors, fat and other impurities to ice cream for humans, all of which is not healthy for dogs.

Dogs, like us humans, either tolerate lactose or not. A dog that does not have enough lactase in its body cannot digest lactose, so it can interfere with its digestion.

After licking ice cream or other dairy products for humans, the Australian Shepherd may get bad. Perhaps it would be possible to give ice cream for humans, but only those with very little lactose, and give only a small portion, not the whole ice cream.

To avoid anything bad to happen for your dog with ice cream saturated with sugar, milk and synthetic additives, we suggest making healthy and safe frozen treats for your Australian Shepherd.

Reasons Why Standard Ice Cream Is Bad For Australian Shepherds:

  • A large proportion of ice cream consists of dairy products that contain lactose. Small amounts should not hurt, but it is better not to take risks when we are talking about health. Dogs do not have enough lactose protein to be able to digest dairy products well.
  • Ice cream contains chocolate, which contains theobromine. Its effects can irreversibly affect the functioning of the heart and nervous system. A dog who eats chocolate becomes hyperactive, suffering from thirst, vomiting and diarrhea. If you noticed that your dog has eaten chocolate, it is especially important to give him peace of mind and in no way allow him to run. The most dangerous substances in theobromine are in bitter chocolate, cocoa powder and confectionery chocolate.
  • Most ice creams have a variety of additives, such as raisins and grapes. A kidney damaged by a toxin in grape pulp can be the cause of a painful death in a dog. Signs of overdose of grapes or raisins is diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent urination, passivity.

If you notice that your dog has eaten grapes, raisins or other food that is not intended for dogs, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

How To Make Ice Cream for Dogs?

The simplest – frozen water cubes. You can give them to your dog on a hot summer day or put them in a bowl of water – this way the water will stay fresh and cool for longer.

Meat broth cubes. If you‘re boiling soup from a homemade broth, pour some of the unsalted liquid into the molds and turn it info a refreshing meat-scented cube for your Australian Shepherd. To make it more interesting, you can put a piece of boiled carrot in the broth in each cube.

The perfect delicacy for your dog – frozen yogurt. Just choose natural flavors, without sugar, odor and color additives. Yogurt works well not only on humans, but also on the digestive systems of pets and reduces gas accumulation. If your pet is older and has indigestion, dilute natural yogurt with water (1:1 ratio) and freeze into ice cubes.

Another simple recipe – shaken, frozen egg. Put egg with the whole shell in a chopper, grind well until it become smooth and pour into the shape of ice cubes. This frozen protein and calcium cocktail is not only refreshing but also very healthy. Of course, give it in moderation, one cube per day it‘s enough.

If your dog likes a pure product, freeze small amounts of his favorite treats: fish, liver, carrots, or seedless pieces of watermelon. This will not only make you happy, but will also revive your Australian Shepherd. If you plan to freeze a piece of fish or meat, check that there are no bones, so that your dog does not get hurt!

Probably every dog would do anything for a tuna. Perfect cold delicacy would be chopped tuna mixed with water and frozen. For such pleasure, the four-legged friend will be very satisfied!

You can use natural berries that are suitable for dogs. Crush a glass of berries and mix with unsweetened, low-fat yogurt. Keep in the freezer overnight. It is possible to make ice cream from bananas and other fruits, which after crushing mix with unsweetened yogurt and freeze. But always remember: it‘s just dessert. Be attentive to the dog‘s well-being, don‘t abuse his health.

Can Australian Shepherd Eat Ice Cream Cones?

Cones contain a lot of xylitol which is often used as a sugar substitute and it is extremely toxic to dogs. So, if you noticed on the label that your ice cream contains xylitol, it is better to not even give a taste for the dog.

If you know that cone does not contain any harmful ingredient, then you can give a small bite, it won‘t hurt him. however, you should not give it regularly. It is better to make healthy substitutes for cones, which could be wofles from healthy ingredients. Or make simply ice cubes and cone is not necessary at all.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, it is not recommended to give ice creams for the dog, as there could be some non-suitable ingredients. Rather, choose the healthier alternatives described above. Also, any dog shop should have specially made products that are prepared for dogs, if you don‘t want to do it yourself.

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