Can Australian Shepherd Eat Strawberries

When there is such a large selection of fruits and vegetables, it is natural that we dog owners usually have a question – are dogs allowed or not? In this article we will talk about whether Australian Shepherd dogs can eat strawberries.

Can Australian Shepherd dogs eat strawberries? Yes! Dogs are allowed to eat strawberries. Strawberries have many valuable nutrients and can enrich the dog‘s daily diet with useful substances.

But let‘s take a closer look at the health benefits of strawberries for dogs.

Are Strawberries Good For Australian Shepherd Dogs

Strawberry belongs to the same Rosaceae family, commonly known as the rose family. As well as raspberries, blackberries, and many other well-known fruits.

Healthy Vitamins From Strawberry:

  • Rich in potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • High content of calcium

Strawberries are distinguished by the fact that they are rich in vitamin C. This supports the body‘s immune system. And the calcium is important for the bone formation in dogs. Strawberries also promote the production of digestive juices and thus stimulate digestion.

However, this does not mean that dogs should be given strawberries as much as they want. On the contrary, it does not replace the normal diet, strawberries should be as a supplement, maybe even a treat. In short, give the dog strawberries in moderation.

Strawberries benefit the dog not only because of vitamins and minerals:

Strawberries not only provide your dog with important vitamins and minerals, but also support oxidative stress and inhibit the aging process because they contain a lot of secondary plant substances. And in the case of secondary plant substances, so called flavonoids, these plant pigments have particularly high antioxidant properties and can protect the dogs from free radicals.

These free radicals are responsible for cell aging and disease development. They occur more and more during metabolism, when dogs are under stress, develop inflammation in the body, or dog do not get enough of the nutrients they need. Unfortunately, the human or animal body cannot produce valuable radical scavengers on its own, so they must be consumed along with fruits and vegetables.

Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs

As already mentioned, strawberries are a great treat for dogs. but you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, the strawberries must be from a reliable vegetable garden. They must not be sprayed with anything that might be poisonous to the dog. If you have the opportunity, self-grown berries will probably always be the best choice, but not all of us have our own garden. In this case, buy strawberries from the store and do not forget to wash them well with water.

Another thing that could be bad if the dog is constantly overeating. This can cause digestive problems that can manifest as constant farting or diarrhea. It is mandatory to eat treats in moderation!

Strawberries and Dogs

Can Dog Eat Chocolate Covered Strawberries

No, such a delicacy is not for dogs. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, and depending on the amount, this can lead to a serious medical problem.

Can Dogs Eat Freeze Dried Strawberries

Unfortunately, it‘s not strawberry season all year round. Out of season, you can also feed your dog frozen strawberries. On especially hot days, you can defrost the fruit in advance or feed it frozen. Frozen strawberries can be a good delicacy to refresh during the hot day.

Can Dogs Eat Wild Strawberries

With wild strawberries there is one bad thing – we don‘t know how they grew up and under what conditions. As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to give strawberries that could be sprayed with various chemicals. This can poison or even lead to more serious problems.

So, do not let the dog eat wild strawberries, it is best to hold the dog on a leash and carry it on.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries And Cream

Well, there is no one right answer to this question. Whipped cream is not toxic for dogs, but it is a dairy product. Not all dogs digest dairy products very well. So it‘s a pretty individual thing. If your dog is lactose intolerant, it is best not to give a bite of strawberries with whipped cream.

If your dog has no problem with dairy products, you can give a couple of bites of this treat, but not too much. Whipped cream usually has a lot of sugar.

Can Dogs Eat Glazed Strawberries

It is best to give fresh, unprocessed fruit or berries. Glaze strawberries usually may have more sugar because glaze is usually made of sugar, syrup, and other ingredients which are not the most suitable for animals.

How To Give Strawberries For Dog

You should give strawberry as a treat here and there. Or you can mix a little of the berries into your daily ration of dog food – the fruits don‘t have to be boiled or pureed. This is the best way to preserve the high vitamin content and valuable ingredients.

In terms of the most suitable quantity of berries, it is best to approach the amount that is best tolerated by your dog. For example, give your Australian Shepherd two strawberries a day at the beginning, three the next day and see how digestible the red fruits are. If all goes well, the dog likes strawberries and digests them perfectly, you can give up to 5-6 strawberries a day to an adult Australian Shepherd.

If you do not grow strawberries yourself, you should look out for unsprayed strawberries in the supermarket or health food store and wash them off in any case. It should be ripe fruit.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Australian Shepherd dogs can eat strawberries. It contains a lot of healthy nutrients. Despite the healthy ingredients, too many strawberries can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain in dogs. Therefore, make sure that your Australian Shepherd is only fed the delicious fruits in moderation.

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