Can Australian Shepherd Eat Eggs?

As you probably already know, chicken eggs are a high-quality component in our diet. They contain a lot of protein, essential amino acids and high quality fats. But what about our Australian Shepherds? Can dogs eat eggs? Are Easter eggs healthy for our animals? First of all – eggs can be fed to dogs. Chicken eggs are a valuable feed component for dogs, as they provide important nutrients. However, there are a few things to consider when deciding to feed your Australian Shepherd eggs as well as how often and how to prepare them.

Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

Are eggs good for dogs? Short answer is – yes! Eggs are a valuable component in the diet of dogs. They contain a lot of protein, essential amino acids and high quality fats. Eggs are also beneficial for the metabolism and the formation of muscles. The yolk is particularly nutritious and contains proteins as well as some fat-soluble vitamins. That is the reason why egg components can often be found in a quality dog food.

How Do Eggs Help Dogs?

Eggs are full of valuable nutrients:

  • They are rich in vitamins, trace elements and high-quality protein;
  • Eggs contain high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids;
  • Raw egg yolk is healthy for the dog‘s skin and fur;

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Egg?

Despite the high content of nutrients in raw eggs, the dog should not be fed raw eggs. The crude egg white contains components of avidin and trypsin inhibitors. These are special proteins that slow down the digestive process and can cause digestive disorders. For this reason, it is advisable for dogs to only add boiled eggs to the food or to use food mixes that contain thermally treated whole eggs. Both avidin and the trypsin inhibitors it contains are deactivated by heating.

The situation is different with the pure egg yolk, which theoretically can also be fed raw. However, it should also be remembered that raw eggs can transmit infectious bacteria, such as salmonella. If you want to give the dog fresh yolk, it should be fresh and it is best to buy from a known place.

Therefore, always test whether it is still fresh enough. To do this, you can use the familiar household tips, such as placing the egg in a glass with water. If it swims up, it is older and you should not feed it raw to your Australian Shepherd under any circumstances. The reason for this is the enlarged air bubble that develops in old eggs. If the egg is fresh, it immediately sinks to the bottom and stays there. On the other hand, boiled eggs are harmless and ideal for feeding dogs.

Can Australian Shepherds Eat Boiled Eggs?

Unlike raw eggs, boiled or cooked eggs are recommended for dogs as it is an important source of nutrients for dogs. Boiled chicken eggs are especially valuable because of the essential amino acids they contain. This source of protein ensures a smooth metabolism in the dog. They also support the recovery of body cells and muscle tissues after various workouts, loads, even after illness. For this reason, eggs as an additive can often be found in high quality dog food.

Can Australian Shepherds Eat Egg Shells? Are Egg Shells Nutritious for Dogs?

While the egg itself does not have a particularly high content of calcium, the shells are rich with this important nutrient. Calcium strengthens bones and is important for healthy teeth. It also supports cell division and stabilizes the cell membrane. Eggshells can therefore be added to your Australian Shepherd‘s food as a natural source of calcium, regardless of whether the shells come from raw or boiled eggs.

Calcium content is not affected even by intense heating. Also, eggshells can be crushed and served with the food. Blenders or coffe grinders are suitable for that. It should be noted that the dog is best able to use the nutrients in it when the eggshells are ground as finely as possible. The exact dose should be determined by a specialist veterinarian when calculating the diet.

Note! Often there are feces or other bacteria, germs and listeria on the eggshells, which can be life-threatening for humans and animals. So take care and wash the egg shells well before giving them to your Australian Shepherd or give only the shells of the cooked egg to be calmer.

How To Feed Your Australian Shepherd Eggs

As the ways of preparing the eggs vary for humans, there are plenty of different way you can feed the eggs to your dog. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs or blanched eggs – you must try what you Aussie likes the most! Always check the degree of cooking of the eggs. The egg white must always be completely baked or boiled, but the yolk may remain raw. You can use some fat for baking, but certainly not too much. And of course, cook naturally, without spices.

How Often Should Dogs Be Given Eggs?

In order to feed dogs as well as possible and avoid inadequate care, it is recommended to feed them according to their needs. This means that dog food should be adopted to the nutritional properties. In general, your dog should not eat more than one egg per day. Some owners say that 1-2 eggs a week are enough. Of course, the exact recommended intake depends on many external factors, such as dog‘s weight or physical activity and health status. However, we should not forget that there are substances in the egg, that too much could make him overweight. So try to keep the balance and look how your dog reacts to it.

Also, there could be a side effect, especially if you give too much of eggs to your dog. Your Aussie can start farting more, so it is important to decide individually what is better for your dog, as every dog may tolerate this different.

Easter With Your Australian Shepherd. Can You Give Easter Eggs for Dogs?

At Easter, one traditional thing is eggs. However, unlike usual, they are colored or brightly painted. So, if you want to allow your dog some involvement in Easter, you should be careful that he is not eating eggs with colored shells or eggshells covered with various stickers.

If you paint the eggs yourself, it is best to use natural colors or foods such as onion peels, beets or other natural options. Chemically colored Easter eggs from the supermarket should be kept away from the dogs.

Final Thoughts

Eggs provide high digestible protein, essential amino acids and minerals. However, as we mentioned earlier, there is something that should be followed for safe egg feeding. It is best to start slowly, watch how your Aussie reacts, if all goes well, give the egg again after a couple of days. As always, it is best to consult a veterinarian or nutritionist about what is best for your Australian Shepherd.

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