Can Australian Shepherd Dogs Eat Guava Fruit?

Guava is a popular tropical fruit, often used in people‘s favorite cocktail, jelly, ice cream or alcoholic beverages. As in most cases, as soon as we take food into our hands, our Australian Shepherd appears next to us and asks for a bite. But can dogs eat guava? Lets find out!

Can Australian Shepherd Dogs Eat Guava Fruit? In short – yes! Dogs can safely eat guava fruit. This tropical fruit can be given as sweet treat for your Australian Shepherd dog. But as always, delicacies should be given in moderation. Higher amounts can lead to upset stomach, so the advice should be that delicacies should not make up more than 10 percent of your dog’s diet. In addition, seeds should be avoided and if your Aussie’s stomach is particularly sensitive, the skin should also be removed.

Is Guava Good For Dogs

Yes, guava is good for dogs. however, it is not the main food, but should rather be used as a delicacy. For example, an incentive during workouts or perhaps frozen fruit used as ice cream to freshen up during the summer.

Benefits of Guava Fruit for Dog

A long list of guava vitamins and minerals combined with a high fiber and low calorie content makes it a great delicacy for a dog. The fruits of Guava contain:

  • Vitamin A: required to support the immune system and proper growth
  • E Vitamin: important for cell and fat metabolism
  • Vitamin C: also needed to ensure a strong immune system and helps for dogs with dental problems
  • K Vitamin: helps to keep your dog‘s eyesight, skin, and bones healthy
  • Potassium: an electrolyte in the body, suitable for controlling nerve impulses, brain function, muscle activity and heart function.
  • Magnesium: helps your dog‘s body absorb other nutrients
  • Fiber: important for overall intestinal health.

Is Guava Bad For Dogs

Let‘s talk about whether there is any danger to dogs eating guava. In principle, guava has no danger when eaten in moderation. Perhaps the biggest danger may be overeating, which would cause stomach upset and cause digestive problems or diarrhea.

However, there are some safety measures you should take to ensure your Australian Shepherd has a good practice with guava. It is usually advisable not to feed your dog a variety of seeds, as dogs should not be given apple seeds, for example. This can complicate digestion and possibly even poison it. Of course, small amounts should not hurt, but to be careful, it is best to remove the seeds.

Another possible problem is the skin or peel of the guava fruit. Although the skin of the guava fruit is safe for dogs, it may be difficult for them to digest it. Especially in dogs with a more sensitive stomach, it is recommended to cut the peel.

It is worth mentioning that guava contains a fairly large amount of carbohydrates and sugar. And it is known that excessive sugar intake on a regular basis can lead to obesity.

Can My Australian Shepherd Dog Eat Guava

Guava is available in a variety of conditions and types, and processed products can also be found. But which ones are suitable for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Dried or Raw Guava

You can safely give dried guava for your dog, but there is one nuance. Dried guava fruit tends to have a higher sugar content than raw guava. For this reason, it should be given in even smaller amounts than raw guava.

Can Dogs Eat Guava Paste

Guava paste should not be given to dogs. Guava paste has a very high sugar content that can be potentially harmful to dogs. it can cause stomach upset, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Yellow Guava

Yellow guava or yellow strawberry guava stands out for its color. Differs from standard, green guava in that it has a smooth yellow skin with a pale yellow flesh with edible seeds. You can give this to a dog with a moderation.

Can Dogs Eat Red Guava

Red guavas are round or pear-shaped. The flesh is pink or red. It has many small, edible seeds, but less than white guavas. Also compared to white, red guavas has more water content and less sugar.

Can Dogs Eat White Guava

White guava is visually quite similar to red guava, but when ripe it emits a greater odor. The white flesh is firm and juicy, but has more seeds and sugar. It is safe to give white guava with moderation.

How to Feed Your Australian Shepherd Dog Guava

It is advisable to peel the guava skin before feeding the dog the soft inside. Of course, you can try both options and find out which one your dog likes more.

It can be cut into small or medium-sized pieces. It is also best to remove the seeds as they may contain traces of cyanide. If they are eaten in large quantities, they can cause diarrhea. Start by giving your dog a small amount of guava. Then watch for side effects in the coming days. Of all goes well, it is a perfectly suitable fruit for the dog. It is best not to give more than 100g per week (source).

Final Thoughts

Thus, dogs can eat guava fruit. Guava fruits are a healthy and delicious fruit, rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is best to remove the seeds before giving the fruit.

It is also recommended to remove the peel so as not to burden the stomach. Guava also contains sugar, so don‘t overfeed your dog. Being overweight is not good. So if your dog loves and digests this fruit perfectly, it can be a great delicacy!

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