Australian Shepherds At Summer. What Do You Need To Know?

Summer is a great time of the year. But at the same time, it hides a number of dangers for dog owners. During the summer we usually spend a lot of time outdoors, roasting barbecues, paddling in the water and playing with our pets. Most people feel comfortable when it gets pleasantly warm in spring or summer. On the other hand, dogs get too warm quickly and begin to pant. Of course, the panting is not a sign that the animal is not doing well, but it is completely normal. Dogs cannot sweat like people, they regulate the body temperature by panting. In this article we will share some tips for cooling off on hot summer days.

Heat Stroke

This is one of the most common and dangerous problems in the summer. The ideal time to go out for a walk is a warm summer day with fun in the sun. Remember that dogs „wear“ fur coats and their bodies cannot emit excess heat in the same way as humans.

Animals in heat can overheat very quickly. Too high body temperature disrupts the nervous system – drowsiness, weakness, collapse, convulsions, even coma. At noon, during the heat itself, the animals cannot be forced to move much, they must have enough water to drink.

If the dog has become weak or has lost orientation, the owner must force him to rest calmly in the coolest place possible, and if symptoms do not go away or the condition worsens, he should appear to the veterinarian without waiting for anything.

Driving In The Car

Never leave your Australian Shepherd in the car during the heat under any circumstances. People often plan to run to the store for just a few minutes and think that nothing will happen to the animal. It seems to others that it is enough to leave the windows open and everything will be fine. But actually leaving a pet in a hot car is bad. Even for a minute.

Under the summer sun, the roof heats up quickly and trees or roof are rare in the parking lots. The heat stroke is very unexpected and sometimes it may be too late to save the animal. If you notice a dog left in the car in the shop area, you should inform the shop security staff to find their owners. Leaving an animal in a hot car can be considered „cruel treatment“ and should be reported to the responsible authorities. If you plan to go shopping it is better to leave your Aussie at home.


It should not be assumed that the coat protects from the sun: animals can also burn their skin if they stay in the sun outside for too long. This is especially true for light, rarer fur, hairless or recently sheared pets. It is not uncommon for the sun to burn less hairy areas, such as the nose. And untreated burns are as dangerous as for humans.

The Safety Of Those Around You And Your Australian Shepherd

There were a number of dangers behind the walls of the dwelling. Always have a name and muzzle with you when you leave home. There are a lot of summer vacationers – respect their rest and at the same time take care of the safety of your Australian Shepherd. Scrambling with another dog can result in bites, wounds, or even serious injuries, and in hot weather the wounds heal poorly, the bacterial infection is easily eradicated, and complex treatment may be required.


Not only do we like the summer heat – it is also liked by flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other not very pleasant creatures. Bites are just one problem. Any damage to the dog‘s skin – scratches, cuts, scratch wounds – is a great medium not only for bacteria, but also for fly eggs, from which the larva later hatch. As a result, the skin of the dog must be clean and any wounds that have occurred must be properly cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and applied with antibacterial ointment.

Hot Sidewalk

Dogs do not wear shoes. Prolonged running on hot ground or road surface overheats the skin of foot pads and it becomes painful, and the animals may begin to limp. There are a number of protective products for the feet on the market – wax, ointment and so on.

Weekend picnics

When celebrating in the company, there will always be a person who will feel obligated to accidentally feed your dog a bite or a dice from his plate. But for your Australian Shepherd this can result in upset stomach. For example, fried chicked or sandwiches can damage the pancreas, causing abdominal pain and vomiting. In addition, being in nature have easy access to eat waste from the table, charcoal or flammable liquid used to light a fire – these things are not good to the animals digestive tract.

Foreign Bodies Of The Gastrointestinal Tract

Many inedible items are used during picnics and banquets: plastic cups, plates, cans, bags, etc. Animals can swallow such items or parts of them, and they can get stuck in the digestive tract and clog it.

Another problem is games with small balls. Most dogs like to play: the owner throws and the dog carries the ball. But if the ball gets too small, it can get stuck in the throat and clog the airways when squeezed. Pet toys must be large enough so that the animal cannot swallow them or get stuck in the throat.


The heat of summer promotes the decomposition of materials, especially in garbage containers. Make sure that your Aussie does not have the opportunity to be self-sufficient. Pets in litter or compost can smell like microscopic fungi that damage the nervous system and cause severe seizures. Spoiled food in turn causes poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea, and in more severe cases, even inflammation of the pancreas.


The fireworks that crown the summer holidays are spectacular, and while watching the flashes, people often forget their pets, who may be shaking at the time or looking for a place to hide. Noise and dazzling lights can often easily frighten animals and make them flinch wherever their eyes see. If a fireworks explodes near an animal, it can burn or injure.

A lot of fireworks are usually full of hot ashes and fireworks that can burn your nose or feet. As a result, very carefully combine fireworks and the presence of an animal nearby. The dog should be on a leash at this time and should not be allowed the environment. If the noise makes the animal restless, it should be taken to a safe, quieter place or home.

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