Are Australian Shepherds Good For Running?

If we want to take care of both our own and our dog‘s health, running seems to be a great overall activity. There are several factors that determine what a training should look like. First of all, you need to take care of the dog‘s health and accustom the dog to accompany you during the run.

Running with a dog is an increasingly popular activity. Its equipment is different from normal walks, to ensure the safety and comfort of yourself and your Aussie, you should pay attention to the choice of means, as well as making sure your dog is properly fed. Running with a dog is not only relaxation, but also a sport that requires preparation. Like the owner, the dog needs preparation and the right tools so that both sides can experience joy while spending time in the park or forest.

Running With an Australian Shepherd – How To Start?

Every sports with a dog provide a lot of fun and are good for the health of both sides. Self-running seems to be a fairly simple activity, but will it be the same if the dog accompanies us during the run? It turns out the first attempts to run with a dog can cause bad emotions and stress not only for a person but also for an animal. Therefore, you should read these tips before deciding to run a few kilometers.

If we want the training to be enjoyable and safe for both parties, we need to remember a few rules. The intensity of the training should be adapted to the age of your Australian Shepherd. Older dogs avoid this type of activity. There are other health factors as well, such as pregnancy, or females that feeds the puppies at the moment, should avoid running.

You should start with the usual walks at the beginning, gradually increasing their pace and distance. Do not overload the animal. The training plan should be designed so that your pet can regain strength after each run – the dog must be full of strength before starting the next run.

The owner must provide special food for active dogs and feeding time. The animal should be fed for several hours before or after training. Depending on the intensity of the training, supplements can be given to the dog. A good nutritional supplement can be supplements with vitamins that will help the dog feel better and in shape. The activity must also be adapted to the weather conditions. Intense exercise in hot air is definitely not recommended as it can result in dog dehydration or even heat stroke.

How do i train my Australian Shepherd to run with me?

Before you start running, you should first see your veterinarian and ask him if your Aussie is suitable as a running partner. If the specialist gives you the green light, trainings can begin.

A prerequisite for running is that your Australian Shepherd is obedient and listens to your commands with complete confidence. Below are some points you need to follow before going for a run:

  • Before jogging, your dog should have some time to sniff and do their business.
  • Take it easy at first: opt for smaller distances for the first two weeks and stop every five minutes at the beginning. Choose a slow to moderate pace. Gradually increase the distance and pace.
  • Reward your Aussie either after each section or at the end with a treat and give them plenty of praise.
  • Pay attention to the needs of your companion: pee breaks and taster breaks are a must!
  • Use a longer, loose leash when jogging with your Australian Shepherd so that you and your dog have enough space.

Important! The weather conditions are also important if you want to go for a run with your Aussie. dogs cannot tolerate extreme heat or freezing cold, so only take him with you when the temperatures are moderate. The ground also matters, would be better to choose forest or field paths. Asphalt is very hard and gets uncomfortably warm in the summer months.

Tools That Facilitates Running With The Dog

Running with a dog doesn‘t require buying a lot of expensive tools, but you need to buy a few essentials. The most common mistake is to use traditional leash and collar. The dog may realize that he is going out with the owner for a simple walk. In addition, improper equipment causes unnecessary discomfort for both sides.

Running braces

A normal leash, even during a light jog, will be tight, which will cause jerking and uncomfortable pressure on the dog‘s neck. It is much better to replace a traditional collar with comfortable running braces. One option is harnesses. Also notice the width of the belts – too narrow can over-tighten the animal and cause painful skin irritation. Good braces come with a soft material or foam.

Dog leash for running

The leash with shock absorber is best for running. If you don‘t want to change the current leash, you just need a separate shock absorber that can be attached to each leash. Damping during the run is necessary, because it will smooth out every jerk, which will ensure comfort for both the runner and the dog. The leash should be between 2 to 4 meters.

Also, there are leashes that you don‘t need to keep in your hands. They are put on runner hips, which is more comfortable than just a leash. The leash should be made of soft material and the right width. It can be further stabilized by using straps fastened around the hips. Some belts have pockets for treats or a bottle of water.

Is it bad for puppies to run? Can i run my 6 month old Australian Shepherd puppy?

Basically, you should never go jogging with a puppy. The effort is too big even with short distances, since neither the condition nor the muscles and bone structure of the growing dog are sufficiently developed. Excessive stress can be detrimental to your dog‘s development. Veterinarians therefore recommend taking the dog with you for a run when large breed dogs, like Australian Shepherds, are around two years old. Even old animals are our of the questions as partners for running training.

How Do I Know If My Australian Shepherd Is Tired From Running?

If you want to run with your Australian Shepherd, your trainings should be adapted to your friend. Adapt your pace and distance to the dog.

Warning signs that the dog is overworked:

  • Strong, fast and persistent panting.
  • Dog reacts more slowly to everything.
  • He does not run at the same pace anymore
  • Dog refuse to run anymore

Pay attention to the first symptoms of tiredness and then stop immediately. A dog that is regularly overwhelmed will no longer be so happy to run with you.

Final Thoughts

Running with a dog is definitely a good idea to spend time together. What‘s more, it is a sport that is getting more popular, more and more competitions are being organized.

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